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Aloe barbadensis vera - Succulent Plant

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Aloe vera grows wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses. Aloe is also used for decorative purposes and grows successfully indoors as a potted plant.


  • Aloe barbadensis vera - Succulent Plant- 1
  • 3 inch (8 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)- 1
  • 3.3 inch (8 cm) Square Plastic Planter with Rounded Edges (Blue)- 1

The species is frequently cited as being used in herbal medicine since the beginning of the first century AD. Extracts from Aloe vera are widely used in the cosmetics and alternative medicine industries, being marketed as variously having rejuvenating, healing, or soothing properties.

There is, however, little scientific evidence of the effectiveness or safety of Aloe vera extracts for either cosmetic or medicinal purposes. Aloe vera is used in traditional medicine as a skin treatment. In Ayurvedic medicine it is called kathalai.

Plant Specifications

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%
Common Name In Ayurvedic medicine it is called kathalai.
Maximum Reachable Height 1-3 feet.
Difficulty Level Easy to grow houseplant.

Planting and care

  • The most common reason an aloe plant dies is that the owners water too often or do not allow the water to drain.
  • Do not make this mistake when taking care of aloe houseplants..
  • Aloe barbadensis vera care

    The first step in aloe vera plant care is to realize that this plant is a succulent. Like cacti, succulents do best in dry conditions.

    Also, make sure that the pot has plenty of drainage holes. Aloe vera plants cannot tolerate standing water.

    Sunlight Aloe vera plants need bright light, so they do best in south- or west-facing windows.
    Watering Water the plant properly. The soil of the aloe vera plant should be allowed to go completely dry before being watered. When the aloe plant is watered, the soil should be thoroughly drenched, but the water should be allowed to drain freely from the soil.
    Soil When growing aloe vera plants, plant them in a cactus potting soil mix or a regular potting soil that has been amended with additional perlite or building sand.
    Temperature Warm weather
    Fertilizer You can fertilize your aloe vera plant, but aloes do not need to be fertilized. If you decide to add fertilizing to part of your aloe vera plant care routine, aloe vera plants should be fertilized once a year in the spring. You can use a phosphorus-heavy water-based fertilizer at half strength.

    Aloe barbadensis vera uses

    Ornamental Use:

    • Aloe vera extracts for either cosmetic or medicinal purposes

    Medicinal Use:

    • The medicinal properties of Aloe vera have been known and recorded since biblical times
    • It has been used for a variety of ailments, and as an ointment for burns, cuts, and rashes, as well as an ingredient in various beauty preparations
    • The sap of the Aloe is a thick, mucilaginous gel
    • It is this gel which is used medicinally

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to identify Aloe barbadensis miller?

    The leaves of Aloe barbadensis miller are a true green or grey-green.

    What is Aloe barbadensis leaf extract?

    Aloe barbadensis leaf extract consisting of aloin and the gel consisting of polysaccharides.

    What is Aloe barbadensis?

    Aloe barbadensis is perennial succulent belonging to the family Liliaceae.

    What does Aloe barbadensis look like?

    Aloe is a coarse looking succulent perennial plant and the plants generally grow slow close to the ground in a typical rosette shape.

    How to care for Aloe barbadensis?

    Some tips to grow Aloe barbadens is
    1. Sunlight- More than 6 hours of direct bright sunlight is required.
    2. Soil- Soil or potting mixture should be well drained, fertile and nutrient rich.
    3. Water- Water the plant when 1-2 inch surface soil layer feels dry to touch.
    4. Fertilizer - Apply any organic fertilizer during the main growing season.

    Note - For further details check the product description on

    Is Aloe barbadensis the same as Aloe vera?

    Yes,Aloe barbadensis is the same as Aloe vera.

    What is Aloe barbadensis used for?

    Aloe barbadensis is extensively used as active ingredients in laxative and antiobesity preparation, as moisturizer, emollient or wound healer in various cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.Note- please consult your health advisor before application or consuming of plants or plant parts.

    How to grow Aloe barbadensis?

    Aloe barbadensis is generally propagated by cuttings, seeds or division of offsets.

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