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1+1 Parwal, Pointed Gourd - Seeds

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1 packet contain upto 10gm seeds.
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Pointed gourd, scientifically Trichosanthes dioica which is often used as vegetable within our kitchen is helpful to our health.Mostly present in Terai region of Nepal pointed gourd is tasty whenever cooked and its advantages to human health is even bigger.Pointed gourd as well as its leaves has got wonderful therapeutic qualities.specifically for anyone who has problem associated with stomach pointed gourd is extremely advantageous.Plus it helps you to heal any kind of accidental injuries in short time period.

Common name: Pointed Gourd, Parwal
Height: Up to 2 metre
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care
Spacing : The distance of planting depends upon plant population, soil fertility and irrigation method (drip or flood). Generally farmers are keeping distance of 5 × 5 or 4 ×4 feet or 5 X 2 feet with ratio of 9 female of male

Sunlight: Full sun

Soil: Sandy loam to clay soil is suitable for growing crop.

Temprature: The optimum range of temperature is 28oC to 30oC/ Dry weather after monsoon.

Fertilizer: Well rotten FYM and fertilizers i.e. N and P were applied at the rate of 60 kg/ha.

  • Propagation: The pointed gourd is usually propagated through vine cuttings androot suckers.
  • Seeds are not used in planting because of poor germination and inability to determine the sex of plants before flowering.
  • As a result, crop established from seed may contain 50% non-fruiting male plants.
  • To propagate from root suckers, tuberous roots of pointed gourd are dug in the early spring, subdivided, and replanted.
  • Both pre-rooted and fresh vine cuttings are used for propagation.
  • Vine cuttings made in the fall of previous year and rooted during winter are planted when danger from frost is over in the spring in order to obtain a crop in the same year.
  • Current year vine cuttings are also planted to establish the crop during the summer, but optimum plant yield is only obtained during the next year.
  • Fresh vines used for field planting should have 8–10 nodes per cutting and should be partially or fully defoliated to check transpiration.
  • Spacing: The distance between plants is kept between 1.
  • 5–2.
  • 0 m × 1.
  • 5–2.
  • 0 m depending on the method of training of vines.
  • Male-Female ratio: As it is a dioecious plant only one sex is determined in a single plant.
  • If all the plants in a field are male, there is no fruit set and the total production is zero.
  • For this reason, maintenance of male-female ratio is necessary.
  • A female: male ratio of 9:1 is optimum for ensuring maximum fruit set.

Harvesting: Fruits were produced for harvest from the beginning of July and continued to the middle of October. There was a continuous increase in the number of fruits produced during the first 4 weeks, thereafter; variation among weekly fruit numbers was dependent on the environmental conditions. Plants produced fruits for harvesting for 15 weeks to 17 weeks. Harvesting was carried out twice a week to obtain fruits at proper maturity for cooking. Over matured fruits developed hard seeds, rendering them less desirable. It took approximately 15 days for fruits to reach the marketable size from fruit-set.

  • Pests: The important pests attacking snake gourd are- Fruit Flies, Epilachna beetle, and Red Pumpkin Beetle.
  • Diseases: The important diseases are- Downy Mildew, and Mosaic.

Medicinal use:
  • Grind the leaves of coriander as well as pointed gourd leaving it to get soaked into water as well as separate it into three part taking it 3 times a day with little bit of honey.

  • Make juice of seeds of pointed gourd mixing it with a few powder of Hing and take it that is considered to be excellent assist in losing fatness.
  • Likewise consuming juice of pointed gourd also energized you.

  • Throughout headache make paste out of juice of pointed gourd and use it in head which might offer rest from headache.

  • Using the paste of pointed gourd leaves within the injuries or wounds would help them to heal quicker than normal.

  • Additionally it is considered that taking pointed gourd right after cooking it might release you from skin problem.

Culinary use:
  • It is utilized as ingredients of soup, stew, curry, sweet, or eaten fried and as dorma with roe or meat stufings.

  • Parwal could be is cooked in number of methods like a boiled for soups and stews, curried or fried.

  • Parwal soup is usually prepared for sick people in Nepal
    In the cuisines of South Asia and also the West Indies, it is usually prepared along with potatoes and served with yogurt on the side or utilized in subzis.

  • In Indonesia, pointed gourd is prepared in a variety of dishes, like stir fry, cooked in coconut milk, or steamed.


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