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Summer Sowing Bulbs (24C to 32C)

Crinum Moorei Album (White) - Bulbs

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Crinum Amoenum (White) - Bulbs

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Glorious Gladiolus - 40 Bulbs Pack

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Sweet Summer Bulbs - (45 Bulbs Pack)

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Freesia (White) - Bulbs

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Freesia (Red) - Bulbs

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Freesia (Pink) - Bulbs

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Calla Lily (Mix) - Bulbs

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Hedychium (Pink) - Bulbs

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Sparaxis (Mix) - Bulbs

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Fluorescent Freesia (30 Bulbs Pack)

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About Summer Sowing Bulbs (24C to 32C)

Bulbs are one of nature’s gifts to gardeners. They are amazingly easy to grow and make every garden look good. Most people know the familiar faces of the spring bulb chorus—tulip, daffodil and crocus, but there are so many summer sowing bulbs that can keep the color show going strong deep into sizzling August days.

Summer sowing bulbs are ideal for patio, containers and to add color to mixed borders without taking up much space. These bulbs take up very little space in the garden so you can squeeze a few into the fullest of borders.

Summer sowing bulbs includes Gladiolas, Gloriosa , Oxalis, Tuberose, Calla lily, Rain lily and more. Do not plant summer bulbs into garden soil until it has warmed sufficiently. In colder regions, spring air temperatures are often warm enough to jump-start summer bulbs outdoors in pots.

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