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Note: The image is for reference purpose. Actual plant height will be 0.5 to 3ft.
Spathiphyllum wallisii
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Peace Lily, is a very popular indoor houseplant. It is a clump-growing herbaceous perennial which produces white flowers which look like the hood of a cobra. Leaves are shiny and glossy, attractive even with no spathes.

Common name: Spathiphyllum wallisii
Color: White
Bloom time: Flowers freely
Height: 1.00 to 6.00 feet
Difficulty level: easy to grow

Planting & Care
Plant with an all-purpose potting soil and keep it lightly moist throughout the year. Repotting annually in the spring is good for the lily because it will need refreshed soil.

Sunlight: Part shade to full shade

Soil: well-drained soil

Water: Medium

Temprature: (18-24°C (64-75°F)

Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer

  • Keep the soil moist at all times, but do not overwater.
  • During the winter fertilize every 6 weeks or so.
  • If you want flowers to appear, but none have, move the plant to a darker room.

Special Feature:
The Peace Lily is no different, if you put it in a bright spot without direct sunlight, growth will be rapid and robust. Of course as the common stereotype states, it will survive, adapt and grow (albeit slowly) even if you pick a darker spot in your home for it instead.
Medicinal use:
  • Peace Lillies are being developed for use as table top plants.
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • and been used for medicinal purposes and pest control for thousands of years.

Culinary use:
  • Peace Lily is a popular plant for use indoors.
  • It is also a House Plants, Caring Plants, Poisonous Plants For Cats.

Ornamental use:
  • Peace lilies are sturdy plants with glossy, dark green oval leaves that narrow to a point.
  • The leaves rise directly from the soil.
  • These plants also periodically produce lightly fragrant white flowers that resemble calla lilies.
  • The long-lasting flowers start out pale green and slowly turn creamy white as they open.

Peace lilies have few pest problems. Mealybugs are probably the most common insect indoors. Mites and scales can also be problems. Root and stem diseases are the most common problem and are usually associated with over- watering.

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