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Calendula is an easy-to-grow, versatile herb to add to your flower, herb, or container garden. Its bright and cheery, edible blooms can be the highlight of your garden from spring through fall. Easy to germinate and maintain, calendula is ideal for cut flowers and herbal remedies, as well as a kitchen delicacy.

The Romans used Calendula mixed with vinegar to season their meat and salad dishes. Calendula blossoms in wine were purported to soothe indigestion, and the petals were used in ointments that cured skin irritations, jaundice, sore eyes, and toothaches.

Very early Christians called this flower Mary s Gold, and placed it by the statues of the Virgin Mary. Again associated with religion and healing, Calendula is the most sacred flower of ancient India, its flower heads were used to make garlands, which adorned holy statues.

Common name: Bon Bon Orange Pot Marigold, Pot Marigold
Color: creams, oranges, yellows
Bloom time: Early Summer to Late Summer
Height: Height: 0.83 ft. to 1 ft.
Width: 0.83 ft. to 1 ft.
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care
Sow this beautiful flower seed and forget! It s easy and rewarding to establish in any garden. Notable for its striking double rich orange-red flowers. It has curved petals similar to some chrysanthemum. Geisha Girl has oval foliage that is light green.
Calendula flower seed produces a hardy plant. It is happy in most soil conditions. It requires well-drained soil, preferring full sun to semi-shade. Calendula is attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. An annual plant growing to about 20 inches tall.

Sunlight: Continuous, direct, exposure to 6 hours (or more) of sunlight per day.

Soil: Soil Range: Sandy Loam to Clay Loam pH Range:5.5 to 6.5

Water: Drought Tolerant, Average Water requirement.

Fertilizer: Annuals and perennials may be fertilized using: 1.water-soluble, quick release fertilizers; 2. temperature controlled slow-release fertilizers; or 3. organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion. Water soluble fertilizers are generally used every two weeks during the growing season or per label instructions. Controlled, slow-release fertilizers are worked into the soil ususally only once during the growing season or per label directions. For organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion, follow label directions as they may vary per product.

  • Direct sow in fall or early spring, planting ¼” below the surface.
  • To start seed indoors, plant ¼” deep in individual pots or a flat; keep evenly moist and at a temperature of 60-65 degrees until germination, which should take place within 5-10 days.
  • Transplant or thin seedlings to 8-10” apart.
  • Calendula can adapt to almost any soil, but prefers well-drained, poor or average soil.
  • Since this plant prefers cool temperatures, it will appreciate filtered shade.
  • Once established, Calendula does not need regular watering; for the best blooms it should not be over-watered.
  • To keep the plant bushy and neat, occasionally pinch off the tops of the developing stalks.
  • If deadheaded regularly, it will produce profuse blossoms all season long; in hotter regions, it may stop blooming in the heat of summer and begin again in fall.
  • This plant will readily reseed itself.
  • Calendula can also be grown in containers.

Harvesting: For fresh flowers, cut the stems long and place them in water immediately.
For culinary use, cut flower heads that have just opened; spread them out away from direct sunlight to dry completely, turning them occasionally.
When the flowers are crisp and dry, store them in an airtight container for up to a year.
The dried petals can be used in place of saffron, or as a garnish to add colour and spice to dishes.

  • Deadhead spent flowers and pinch back to keep bushy.
  • If flowering performance dwindles in mid-summer, cut the plants back severely.
  • Flower production will be particularly increased by fertilizers high in phosphorus.
  • Petals of single flowered varieties have better flavour.


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