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With a multitude of different colours, shapes and sizes, Dahlias bring life and beauty back to your landscape in late summer and into the fall months. The diversity of the Dahlia allow you to use them in many different aspects of your landscape design, from low growing border plants to stately background plantings that may reach six feet in height!
Dahlias make excellent cut flowers, which will typically last about a week in the house.

Common name: dahlia
Color: Dahlia blooms come in nearly every colour of the rainbow and a range of flower forms -- from daisy-like singles to more alienesque quilled types.
Bloom time: July- October
Height: Dahlia plants range in height from as low as 12 inches to as tall as 6-8 feet.
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care
Plant dahlia tubers in spring after all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed. Prepare the garden bed by using a garden fork or tiller to loosen the soil to a depth of 12 to 15 inches, then mix in a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost. Dig a hole about three times as deep as the diameter of the tuber, usually between 3 and 8 inches.

Set the tuber horizontally in the hole with the buds facing up, cover it with soil, and press firmly. Space tubers 1 to 3 feet apart, depending on the variety, and water thoroughly. Stake tall varieties at planting time, being careful not to damage tubers when installing stakes.

Sunlight: Dahlia plants grow and bloom best in full sun.

Soil: Dahlias tolerate most soil types, but prefer a sandy, well drained, slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6.2- 6.5. If your soil is heavy or clay, adding sand and peat moss will help to lighten it.

Water: Water established Dahlias thoroughly and deeply once a week. Water more frequently if it s very hot.

Temprature: Maintain a temperature in the growing medium of 70°-85°F until germination which takes from 7-21 days.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer (17 : 17 :17 ) application [ 1 g per litre of water ] has to be stared ten days after transplanting ( 30 days after sowing in case of direct sown crops). This can be repeated once in ten days. Spray 1.5 g of dittany M-45 during rainy season once in 15 days.

  • Dahlia tubers should not be planted until all danger of frost has passed, and the soil temperature reaches 58°-60° F.
  • Excessively wet soil may cause the tubers to rot, so if your weather has been wet and stormy, you may want to wait for a drying trend.
  • Dig and prepare a 12 inch diameter by 12 inch deep planting hole.
  • Mix a shovel full of compost, a handful of bone meal, and a little Dolomite lime to the soil that was removed.
  • Fill the planting hole with the soil mixture until it is about six inches deep.
  • Then place the Dahlia tuber horizontally in the bottom of the hole with the eye pointing upward.
  • Tall varieties of Dahlias will need staking, so this is a good time to set an appropriate size stake into the ground next to the tuber, near the eye.
  • This will prevent damage to the tuber which can result if it is added after the tuber has begun to grow.
  • Cover the tuber with about two inches of your soil mixture and water thoroughly.
  • When the sprout begins to emerge from the soil, gradually add more soil mix until the hole is entirely filled.
  • Staking DahliasOnce your Dahlia attains sufficient height, secure it loosely to the stake.
  • It is recommended to use a length of an old nylon stocking because it will stretch as the plant grows, rather than cutting into the stem, as string will do.
  • Loop each tie into a figure 8, with the crossed portion between the stem and the stake to keep stems from rubbing or being choked.
  • Add more ties as the stem grows until the plant is supported approximately 24 inches below the eventual top of the plant.

  • To promote a compact, bushy growing habit, with more flowers, pinch back the new growth when your dahlia is about a foot high.
  • If your goal is to produce massive sized flowers, remove all of the side buds at the end of each branch throughout the growing season.
  • If you want your Dahlia to provide a continuous, extended flower show, you will need to remove the spent buds promptly.

Ornamental use:
  • Some specimens may provide an abundance of cut flowers for the home, while others give you the opportunity to make a bold statement in your landscape by pruning, dis-budding and ultimately forcing the plant to create a few single, gigantic blooms.
  • Novice Dahlia growers may want to start by selecting a few plants of varying colours, sizes and types.
  • Most Dahlia gardeners will be happy to share their thoughts and experiences with you regarding their successes, failures and favourites.
  • They may even be willing to share a few tubers with you.
  • Once you ve grown your first crop of these beauties, you will have a much better idea of which types of Dahlias to grow in subsequent years.

http://www.thegardenhelper.com/dahlia.html http://www.bgardener.com/how-plant-and-grow-dahlia-care-flower.html
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