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Commonly called tickseed, plants of the genus Coreopsis add long-lasting color to gardens with their golden, sunflower-like blooms

Although the seeds will germinate year-round, the plants fare best when transplanted in fall, so you should start the seeds in midsummer to ensure they are well established by planting time.

This plant grows into tall bushes of yellow-orange flowers. Established plants do well in dry climates to moderately moist climates, but they do suffer in extreme drought or extremely soggy conditions.

Common name: tickseed, whorled coreopsis, thread-leaved tickseed, thread leaf coreopsis, and pot-of-gold.
Color: Pink
Bloom time: Summer Bloom
Height: HEIGHT:1 to 3 feet
WIDTH:1-3 feet wide
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care

Sunlight: They should be planted in an area that receives full sun all day for the best flowering, but they will tolerate partial shade periodically throughout the day.

Soil: Coreopsis will tolerate almost any soil as long as it has good drainage. However, they prefer sandy or rocky, slightly acidic soil with a pH below 6.8.

Water: Water regularly until your plant is well established, after which time, Coreopsis is fairly drought tolerant.

  • It is equally easy to learn how to grow coreopsis.
  • Simply seed a prepared area of un-amended soil in spring in a full sun location.
  • Seeds of coreopsis plants need light to germinate, so cover lightly with soil or perlite or simply press seeds into moist soil.
  • Keep the seeds of coreopsis plants watered until germination, usually within 21 days.
  • Care of coreopsis may include misting the seeds for moisture.
  • Sowing plants in succession will allow for an abundance of growing coreopsis.
  • Coreopsis plants may also be started from cuttings from spring to mid-summer.

  • Care of coreopsis is simple once flowers are established.
  • Deadhead spent blooms on growing coreopsis often for the production of more flowers.
  • Growing coreopsis may be cut back by one-third in late summer for a continued display of blooms.
  • As with many native plants, coreopsis care is limited to occasional watering during extreme drought, along with the deadheading and trimming described above.
  • Fertilization of growing coreopsis is not needed, and too much fertilizer may limit flower production.
  • Now that you know how to grow coreopsis and the ease of coreopsis care, add some to your garden beds.
  • You’ll enjoy this reliable wildflower for long lasting beauty and the simplicity of how to care for coreopsis flowers.


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