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Flower of Puducherry, Cannon-ball - Plant

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The cannon ball tree is one of the most spectacular South American trees to be planted in subtropical and tropical botanical gardens throughout the world.

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Description for Flower of Puducherry, Cannon-ball

It is listed as a rare tree and flower in India. The cannon ball tree is planted in gardens because the flowers are large, beautiful, pleasantly aromatic, and unlike any other flower a newcomer to the tropics has ever seen. The large round fruit of the "Cannonball tree" has a hard thin shell filled with a soft pulp containing many seeds. The hard shells of the fruit are sometimes used as containers.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Cannon ball tree, Naga linga, Kailashpati Yellow, reddish and pink Blooms all year Upto 75 feet Easy

Planting and care


Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Full Sun Well drained soil Average Water Needs; Water regularly; over watering should be avoided. Hardy upto 30-40 degree F. -

Caring for Flower of Puducherry

Typical uses of Flower of Puducherry

Special features:

Culinary use: Flowers, leaves, fruits are used. Flowers are used in Shiva pooja and it also have significance in traditional culture. The soft, light-colored wood is also utilized to manufacture furniture.

Ornamental use: The tree is mainly grown for its beauty. It flowers in racemes which is cauliflorus and smells aromatic.

Medicinal use:

  • People use extracts of several parts in common cold, stomachache, skin conditions and wounds, malaria, and toothache.
  • Note: The following information is general guidelines. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider for guidelines.



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