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Ficus Plants

Variegated Creeping fig, Ficus pumila - Plant

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The creeping fig is also known as the climbing fig which is primarily grown outdoors as a climbing vine. However, the it is also grown as an ornamental house plant.

Ficus Panda - Plant

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Ficus trees are a common plant in the home and office, mainly due to the fact that they look like a typical tree with a single trunk and a spreading canopy.

Ficus Amplissima, Ficus Indica Willd., Ficus Tsiela Roxb, Piper, Pipali - Plant

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Large spreading tree over 10 meters; deciduous; smooth bark; thornless.

Ficus Safari, Ficus benjamina - Plant

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Ficus Safari is wonderful and incredibly rewarding plants with attractive foliage.

Ficus Starlight, Ficus benjamina - Plant

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Evergreen tree, It is a very popular house plant, due to its elegant growth and tolerance of poor growing conditions.

Ficus Elastica Tricolour, Tineke Rubber Plant - Plant

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For the indoor grower looking for a tree type plant species with attractive foliage which can grow from 1ft to over 8ft tall, this is an excellent choice.

Chinese Banyan, Ficus Microcarpa Nitida (Retusa) - Plant

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Ficus microcarpa is a tropical tree with smooth light-grey bark and entire oblanceolate leaves.

Ficus Triangularis variegata - Plant

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Small sized tree or shrub, common plant in the home and office, mainly due to the fact that they look like a typical tree with a single trunk and a spreading canopy.

About Ficus Plants

Ficus plants are the tropical trees, shrubs, and vines belonging to the genus Ficus, of the mulberry family, having milky sap and large, thick or stiff leaves, including the edible fig, the banyan, and many species grown as ornamentals. Ficus Safari, Ficus benjamina or weeping fig proved to be one of the best ornamental plants can be used in our houses.

This Ficus can keep under the indoor condition where the direct sunlight is available. Ficus Amstel is a popular Ficus tree is a member of the fig family and perfect for caring for as a houseplant. There are several varieties of this Ficus plant that are grown as houseplants. Among these are Ficus lyrata or fiddlehead fig, and the Ficus elastica decora or rubber tree is popular.

Ficus plants range from large trees to woody shrubs to trailing vines. The Ficus comes in many shapes and sizes that make this a popular focal point in your home. Ficus plants are like a typical tree with a single trunk and a spreading canopy. They are one of the best examples of the ornamental plant can decorate your house in the best way.


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