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Papaya, Papita ( Grafted )- Plant

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Papaya is a popular fruit famous for its high nutritive and medicinal properties.
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Description for Papaya, Papita ( Grafted )

Papaya plants can be male, female, or bisexual. Papaya is a perennial plant. Rarely, the seeds fail to germinate because seed viability is completely lost in about 50 days. The seed rate is 250 to 300 gm/hectare. It comes to fruit in a year. A tree can produce 25 to 40 fruits weighing 30 to 60 kg in the first 20 months.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Papaya Yellow, orange or cream All year round (Varies according to climate and other basic things) Up to 30 feet Easy to grow

Planting and care

It grows in tropical and subtropical climates. Select a sunny and sheltered place in your garden. You can't start them in pots as they prone to damage while transplanting. You can start sowing in the spring, monsoon, and autumn.

Dig a hole half a meter across and fill it with a mixture of compost and soil. The pits are filled with topsoil along with 20 kg of farmyard manure, 1 kg neem cake and 1 kg bone meal. Sprinkle few seeds and cover lightly with potting mixture. A spacing of 1.8 x 1.8 m is ideal.

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Full sun Other than sandy and sticky or heavy clay soils, well-drained Low 25 to 35 degrees C NPK in the ratio of 10-6-10

Caring for Papaya

  • Avoid sandy and sticky or heavy clay soils.
  • Apply fertilizer twice a year, first at the beginning of monsoon and second in the later part.
  • For the attack of spider mites, aphids, grasshoppers use the prophylactic sprays.


All year round

Typical uses of Papaya

Special features: NA

Culinary use: Raw fruit can be used in cooking and ripen fruit is in the use of juices and salad.

Ornamental use: NA

Medicinal use: High nutritive and medicinal properties


  • http://www.agrifarming.in/papaya-farming
  • http://www.tropicalpermaculture.com/growing-papaya.html
  • https://www.wikihow.com/Grow-Papaya

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5 / 5 Alvisia Sule 30 August 2017
A happy customer ?? But like could the rate be a bit reasonably else all good ... thanks
5 / 5 Garima Sahney 22 August 2017
Perfectly shipped with care... Live plant is healthy...
5 / 5 Jyoti Dhingra 13 August 2017
Pot seems to be really small. DO I have to shift the plan to the bigger pot as it starts growing in a few months?
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