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Coco Peat Block - 5 Kg

100% natural growing medium.

Note: This soil can soak up great amount of water. Coco Peat weight can be increased 7-8 times from its own weight when added water on it.

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A practical concept in the field of potting mediums is Co-Co-Soil. It is unique in the sence that it is not only Co-Co-Peat but added with20% Humus making it far supeiorthen other available conventional Co-Co-Peat. It is a complete potting mediumby itself. It is a processed, fumigated and a high quaity multipurpose soil conditioner and soil substitute.


Fields of uses for co-co-soil:


1. Indoor/Outdoor plants in Pots:
The main problem of water logging and soil hardening can easily be overcome by use of coco soil, mix 25%-40% coco soil with regular soil.

2. Seed Germination:
The germination is better as it providesperfect climate for root development. 30% coco soil can be used with regular soil.

3. Garden Beds:
Use of coco siol ensures less heat build up, more air cerculation and allows better working in soil.

4. Cutting/propagation:
Plant the cuttion or seedings directly into coco soilfor better results. You can also mix it with soil in ratio 30-60%. In tissue culture the plantlets can be directly grown in coco soil. In grafting process coco soil itself can be pasted over the joint to obtain excellent results.

5. Transpotration:
Due to its abilityto hold sufficiant water, it automatically becomes an ideal medium to grow plants that are being transported.

6. Lawns:
Coco soil minimizes the problem of weeds and insects. Landcapists can use coco soil during new plantation in the garden. For home gardens: 20-30% coco soil as top dress. For show lawns: 30-40% coco soil with regular soil. For Golf courses: 10-20% for root zone regions.

7. Fruit Trees:
To ensure better establishments and faster root development use 20-30% coco soil along with regular soil. For exixting trees dig up few inches of soil and add coco soil.

8. Kitchecn Gardens:
Coco soil is an ideal medium for all the vegetables, flowers, herbs etc. It is easier and safer to handeland provide better growthand yield. Coco soil can be used between 30-60%. Due to its light weight it automatically becomes the best option for terrace gardens.

9. Commercial Growers:
For Growers/Professionals of all kind of plants , coco soil forms the most suitable part as ideal medium. It ensures better nutrient availability, strong foilage and roots which are very important. The plants are more healthy and stronger resulting in better sales.

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5 / 5 Aditi Agarwal 05 September 2017
plants grew beautifully...lots of flowers too
4 / 5 Ritu Singh 05 September 2017
Working great.!!!
5 / 5 Suraj Singh Rajput 05 September 2017
best quality, plants are loving it.
5 / 5 Santhosh Santy 03 September 2017
Literally makes plants grow like magic beans !
4 / 5 Surender Yadav 02 September 2017
Very good product... It serves its purpose - keeping plants healthy

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