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Cluster Palm - Plant

Note: The image is for reference purpose only.
Small palm with slender trunks in clusters
Palms n Cycads
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Description for Cluster Palm

Small palm with slender trunks in clusters. Trunks are ringed with old leaf scars and leaves are borne on short stalks reaching up to 5 feet long. They are made up of linear, green leaflets with notched tips.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Cluster Palm White Early Summer to Late Summer 20-30 feet. Easy.

Planting and care

A week to 10 days before planting, add 2 to 4 inches of aged manure or compost and work into the planting site to improve fertility and increase water retention and drainage. If soil composition is weak, a layer of topsoil should be considered as well. No matter if your soil is sand or clay, it can be improved by adding the same thing: organic matter. The more, the better; work deep into the soil. Prepare beds to an 18 inch deep for perennials. This will seem like a tremendous amount of work now, but will greatly pay off later. Besides, this is not something that is easily done later, once plants have been established.

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
It can survive full sun, partial shade, or full shade. well-drained soil. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings Minimum 30-40 degrees F -

Caring for Cluster Palm

    Typical uses of Cluster Palm

    Special features:

    Ornamental use: Landscaping



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    5 / 5 Saikiran Saikiran 30 August 2017
    Nice packing & plants,like professional brand..
    4 / 5 Madhu Grover 14 January 2017
    Bit price is high but it s amazing plant, sun is not required only lighting is enough at any conditions even room light is enough for this plant.
    5 / 5 Kapil Yadav 14 November 2016
    A happy customer ?? But like could the rate be a bit reasonably else all good ... thanks
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