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Illuminate Home with Aralia - Plant

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The gift contains 1 beautiful Aralia Plant, 1 floating candle, 1 brown ceramic pot, 1 ice cream glass, decorated with pebbles, ribbon & potpourri.
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Description for Illuminate Home with Aralia

Note: The selection of plant (size / color) & pot design may vary depending on availability.

In temperate climates, Polyscias fruticosa, commonly called Ming aralia is a very popular and relatively easy-to-grow houseplant. Indoor container plants may be grown in a variety of soils as long as the drainage is good. Plants generally thrive in peaty, sandy, soil-based potting mixes that have excellent drainage.

Polyscias fruticosa, commonly called Ming aralia, is an evergreen shrub. Finely-segmented, 1-3 pinnate compound leaves have narrow-ovate to lanceolate leaflets with spiny-toothed margins. Pale yellow to white flowers in free-branching inflorescences bloom in summer. Fruit is a drupe.

The gift pack contains: 1 beautiful Aralia plant
1 floating candle
1 brown ceramic pot
1 ice cream glass
1 decorative mat
decorated with pebbles, ribbon & potpourri,

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Aralia Golden, Ming aralias Pale yellow to white Winter 2 to 3 feet Easy to grow

Planting and care

It is native to tropical areas from India to Polynesia, but has been introduced into a large number of tropical and subtropical areas around the world.

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Aralia Plants can survive in low light conditions, but grow faster and produce more leaves in medium to bright indirect light. Aralia Plants need a peat-based, well-aerated, light soil. This type of quick draining potting medium prevents water from accumulating in the soil and causing the roots of an Aralia Plant to disintegrate. Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering an Aralia Plant. In low light conditions, an Aralia Plant may need water as little as every 2-3 weeks. The plant is comfortable at ordinary room temperatures of between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 29 degrees C). Fertilize every two weeks with liquid house plant fertilizer in spring and summer and monthly in fall and winter.

Caring for Illuminate Home with Aralia

  • When growing Ming Aralia indoors is that it must be kept constantly moist.
  • Adequate watering is of course, essential, but over-watering is above all the greatest cause of the demise of virtually all Aralias.
  • It is generally thought that plants will thrive when kept on the dry side.
  • False aralia does not like to be moved. A sudden change in location causes the leaves to drop off.
  • Trimming the tips of an Aralia Plant helps promote new growth.
  • Handpick as many of the mealybugs from the plant as possible.
  • Treat the areas near the base of the leaves with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol every five days, especially where you see the cottony masses of insects.
  • Insecticidal soap is helpful when mealybugs are in the crawling stage, before they attach to the foliage and assume their cottony appearance.
  • Gift Care:
  • Clean the ceramic pot with clean cloth regularly.
  • Do not put extra water, water plant twice a week.
  • Keep the set indoor, dust-free environment.
  • Keep the set away from the reach children.
  • Replace the floating candle once used.

Typical uses of Illuminate Home with Aralia

Special features: The plant yields new shoots every spring, which are blanched and then eaten as a vegetable.

Culinary use: NA

Ornamental use: Tropical specimen/accent or hedge for frost-free areas. Where not winter hardy, plants may be grown indoors in containers.

Medicinal use: NA


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  • http://www.houseplant411.com/houseplant/ming-aralia-plant-care-grow
  • http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?kempercode=b635

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3 / 5 Sangeeta Chaudhry 03 September 2017
Very nice plant but price is ok
4 / 5 Pulak BHATTACHARYA 30 August 2017
Online Plants sell the Super Model of plants!
3 / 5 Sanjeet Kumar 07 August 2017
It s lovely. The plant was carefully packed and seems to be genuine plant. I m happy with my purchase.
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