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Note: The image is for reference purpose. Actual plant height will be 0.5 to 3ft.
Date palms (Phoenix dactylifera) thrive in warm, dry climates within U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11.
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Although they are most commonly propagated from offshoots, date palms will also grow reliably well from fresh seeds. The seeds require no pretreatment and will germinate quickly once exposed to warm, moist conditions.The date palm is a widely cultivated palm tree, both for its ornamental value and for the tasty fruit it yields. Not only are the fruit used for a variety of culinary purposes, but the leaves have also been used to weave baskets. Various parts of this plant have been used medicinally to treat a variety of ailments.
Height: Dates grow large, up to 120 feet.
Difficulty level: Easy to grow.

Planting & Care
Take care when planting date palms to choose a location with plenty of space both vertically and horizontally. Plant the trees in spring or fall for best results. Dig the hole twice as deep and wide as the actual root base to loosen the soil. Fill the bottom of the hole with soil so the plant is sitting high and roots are barely covered. Press soil around the roots and water well to compact the soil around them.

Sunlight: Full Sun.

Soil: Soils are well draining. It can grow in sand, loam or even clay soil.

Water: The tree is tolerant of drought but needs plenty of water when flowering and fruiting.

Temprature: Date palm growing requires temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 C.) to survive. Pollination takes place at 95 degrees (35 C.) and fruits need dry, hot temperatures with warm nights.

Fertilizer: Manure makes an excellent fertilizer in early spring. You can also use a palm tree fertilizer high in potassium.

  • Young trees do best with supplemental irrigation for several months until they are established.
  • You may also need to stake them for straight date palm growing.

Medicinal use:
  • Dates have been the staple food of the Bedouins for centuries and medical records showed low occurrences of many fatal diseases including cancer and heart disease among them.
  • DATE FRUITS TO PROVIDE RELIEF FROM:Sore throat and Cold Throat and chest infections by mixing equal amount of dates, fig, hibiscus and raisin and boiled in water.
  • Use as expectorant.
  • Fever Bronchial asthma by mixing dates with fenugreek Use as astringent for intestinal problem Counteracting alcohol intoxication Use as aphrodisiac by mixing dates with milk and cinnamon Poisonous effect by applying date paste onto the poisonous bite area

Culinary use:
  • Date can be eaten out of hand and no special preparation or cooking is required.
  • It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and hence a complete nutritious meal on its own.
  • It freezes well and therefore can be stored and enjoyed all year round.
  • You can sprinkle chopped dates on your cereals and ice cream.
  • Dates are also used in cooking bread, cakes and other desserts.
  • Dates are also processed into paste, syrup, jam, jelly, date cubes, date sugar powder, date vinegar and even date alcohol.

Ornamental use:
  • The date palm is used as an ornamental specimen plant in subtropical and tropical climates, such as those in southern California and Florida.
  • These trees can commonly be seen along roadsides, parking lots and shopping centres because of their ease of care and non-invasive nature.

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