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Black Turmeric, Kali Haldi - Plant

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Curcuma Caesia commonly known as Black Turmeric is a perennial herb with bluish-black rhizome of the family Zingiberaceae.
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Description for Black Turmeric, Kali Haldi

Curcuma caesia, black turmeric or black zedoary is a perennial herb with bluish-black rhizome, native to North-East and Central India.

The rhizome of black turmeric has a high economic importance owing to its putative medicinal properties. In west Bengal, the rhizome of the plant is used in Kali Puja, and hence the plant is called Kali haldi.

The leaves have a deep violet-red patch which runs through the length of the lamina. Turmeric plant takes 8 to 10 months to mature. The flower is so attractive that it is worth growing for this alone.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Kali haldi, Krishna kedar, Black Turmeric White July to September 1.5 to 3 feet Easy to grow

Planting and care

Curcuma Caesia usually grows in moist deciduous forests. The best season to plant turmeric is spring or summer. It requires warm and humid climate to thrive. keep the turmeric plant in partial sun in the warmer zones.

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Turmeric prefers warm direct or indirect sun. Rich organic soil that is moist and well-drained. It is grown on different types of soils from light black, ashy loam and red soils clay loam. However, it thrives the best in a well-drained sandy or clay loam. Keep the soil moist throughout the growing season from spring to fall. 20 to 35 degrees C Feeding with a liquid fertilizer in growing season is ideal.

Caring for Black Turmeric

  • Choose a large pot as this herb can easily exceed the height and spread.
  • Place it about 2 inches (5 cm) below the soil surface, with the buds facing up.
  • Water the pot thoroughly, avoid overwatering.
  • The crop is to be mulched immediately after planting with green leaves at the rate of 12-15 tonnes per hectare.
  • It may be repeated for a second time after 50 days with the same quantity of green leaves after weeding and application of fertilizers.
  • Pruning is not necessary, taking dried leaves off will be sufficient.


The rhizome should be harvested in 9 to 10 months after planting.

Typical uses of Black Turmeric

Special features: Foliage & Rhizome

Culinary use: Used in Chinese recipes

Ornamental use: The plant is used for an ornamental purpose.

Medicinal use: The rhizome of the plant is aromatic, contains essential oil and used for a variety of purposes. The characteristic pungent smell of the rhizome is due to the presence of essential oil rich in camphor and starch.

The rhizome is traditionally used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, leprosy, asthma, cancer, fever, wounds, vomiting, menstrual disorder, anthelmentic, aphrodisiac, gonorrheal discharges and inflammation.
Furthermore, the smooth muscle relaxant, anti-tumour and anti-oxidant properties of Curcuma Caesia rhizome extract had been reported.

Note: Please consult your health expert before consuming.


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