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Eucharis Grandiflora Lily (White) - Bulbs

Eucharis Grandiflora Lily (White) - Bulbs
Eucharis grandiflora is a perennial growing from an elongated bulb, with deep green leaves and an umbel (cluster) of sweetly scented white flowers.
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Description for Eucharis Grandiflora Lily (White)

It is a natural hybrid between E. moorei and E. sanderi. Despite the common name, it is not closely related to the true lilies. The shiny dark green foliage is very attractive. Occasionally during the year, large, sweet-scented white flowers will emerge. Mature clumps can flower at different times of the year but more often it will flower in the spring.

The plant produces star-shaped clusters of white flowers held high above the plant. Each cluster contains 3-6 fragrant flowers. The glossy leaves of Amazon Lily plant are deep green, several inches wide and in the form of a rosette.

Common name(s): Amazon lily, Eucharis Lily
Flower colours: White
Bloom time: Spring, Fall
Max reacahble height: Up to 50 cm
Difficulty to grow:: Easy to grow

Planting and care

Amazon Lily is a beautiful shade loving plant. The bulbs will go dormant if the temperature goes near freezing. Three to five bulbs in a six-inch container is a good thing to begin with. It thrives in places with high humidity.

Sunlight: Indirect, Partial shade
Soil: Rich and porous, with excellent drainage
Water: Water them often from spring through summer and early fall. The intensity of watering can be reduced in winter months.
Temperature: 18 to 23 degrees C
Fertilizer: Apply balanced liquid fertilizer twice in a month.

Caring for Eucharis Grandiflora Lily

  • Plant from February through May, and will bloom in the winter.
  • Keep the soil slightly moist all the time and try to avoid frosting temperatures.
  • Keep your Amazon lily in bright light but out of direct sun.



Typical uses of Eucharis Grandiflora Lily

Special features: Attractive flowers and foliage

Culinary use: NA

Medicinal use: NA


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5 / 5 Marudadu RajyaLakshmi 07 June 2017
I have this plant in different flower colour variety.
5 / 5 priyanka y 08 May 2017
I want this plant.
5 / 5 Joshi Prisy 25 February 2017
Can we grow it like a climber on the gates?
5 / 5 Swarnika Raghu 23 February 2017
In which it flowers?
5 / 5 Grasskhor 16 January 2017
Very good loocking plant.

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