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Cenchrus Ciliaris, Buffel Grass - 0.5 Kg Seeds

Buffel grass is a deep-rooting, summer-growing, erect tussocky grass.Establishing buffel grass pastures after clearing timber can give a large initial increase in stocking rate.
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Description for Cenchrus Ciliaris, Buffel Grass

Note:: This seeds will be available in 3 weeks time.

Buffel grass germination relies on good rain after planting. The seed must maintain contact with wet soil for 4-5 days to produce a seedling. Sub-soil moisture will sustain the seedling until follow-up rainfall promotes secondary roots that form the crown of established grass plants.

A dry crusted surface can physically prevent seedlings from emerging. Strong weed competition can surpress young buffel grass seedlings.

Common nameFlower coloursBloom timeHeightDifficulty
Buffel grass, buffelgrass, foxtail buffalo grass, blue buffalo grass, foxtail grass, bloubuffelgras cenchrus, anjan grass, dhaman pasto buffel; zacate buffel.--1.5 to 2 feetModerately easy

Planting and care

Buffel grass is grown widely in tropical and sub-tropical arid rangelands around the globe because of its high tolerance to drought and capacity to withstand heavy grazing. Outside its natural range, Buffel grass can rapidly invade native vegetation, roadsides and urban landscapes, altering the wildfire regime and displacing the native flora and fauna.

Due to the economic benefits of the species, eradication is controversial and weed management authorities are ill-informed to effectively target management actions. While over 400 research papers have been published relating to the improvement of Buffel pasture, less than 20 relate to its impact on biodiversity and even fewer describe its nature as an invader.

Strategic control of Buffel grass invasions requires knowledge of regions infested with or vulnerable to invasion, as well as a willingness from the community to be involved in controlling its spread, all of which are currently lacking.

Full sunMoistMedium20 to 30 degrees CUse any organic fertilizer

Caring for Cenchrus Ciliaris

  • Often occurs in the wild on sandy soils, but is also well adapted to deep, freely draining sandy loam, loam, clay loam and red earth soils.
  • The most drought tolerant of the commonly sown grasses.Grows in average annual temperatures from about 12-28 C.
  • Spreads readily by seed, which is well adapted to dispersal by wind or water movement.
  • Seed also moved by livestock through adhesion to fur, or through ingestion and defecation.

Typical uses of Cenchrus Ciliaris

Special features:


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