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Jasmine Plant

Kunda, Downy Jasmine - Plant

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The stems and leaves of the evergreen Downy Jasmine are covered with a downy pubescence that gives the plant an overall grayish-green appearance.

Jasminum sambac, Mogra, Arabian Jasmine - Plant

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Mogra is widely cultivated for its attractive and sweetly fragrant flowers. The flowers are also used for perfumes.

Juhi, Jasminum Auriculatum - Plant

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Juhi is a beautiful flower with extremely heavy gardenia type scent. It is a stunning, small climbing bushy plant with simple ovate dark green small leaves and powdery satin white flowers.

Kagda - Plant

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Kagda plant has unique fragrance & beauty.

Raat Ki Rani, Raat Rani, Night Blooming Jasmine - Plant

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Queen of Night or commonly known Raatrani, Raat ki Rani, Night Queen, night-blooming cestrum is an evergreen woody shrub.

Parijat, Parijatak, Harshringar - Plant

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Parijat flowers have four to eight petals arranged above a vibrant orange tube in a pinwheel pattern. These highly fragrant flowers open at night spreading their fragrance in the surrounding area with an intensely sweet floral aroma.

Gardenia, Ananta - Plant

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Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family. Gardenia is an attractive, waxy, creamy-white flowers bearing.

Gardenia Dwarf, Ananta Dwarf - Plant

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Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family. Gardenia is an attractive, waxy, creamy-white flowers bearing.

Top 3 Plants for Flower Garden

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Top 3 Plants for Flower Garden contains 3 most loved flowering plants among gardeners. These elegant plants can impart a fresh and charming look to your existing garden, or they make perfect plants to start your garden.

Top 5 Shri Ganesh Laxmi Favorite Flowering Plants

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These plants come from nature and are offered to God as they love these flowers.

5 Best Fragrant Plants

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Aromatic plants bring into a room or house an often overlooked benefit. These plants have a pleasant scent.

Top 5 Hair Decorative Flowering Plants

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These are some popular flower plants which you should consider while decorating your hair with flowers.

Top 5 Annual Flowering Plants

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This pack contains top 5 flowering plants + 5 pots with plates; plants that will show flowering throughout the year.

About Jasmine Plant

The jasmine plant is a source of exotic fragrance in warmer climates. It is an important scent noted in perfumes and has herbal properties. The plants may be vines or bushes and some are evergreen. Most jasmine plants are found in tropical to sub-tropical climates, although a few may thrive in temperate zones.

Jasmine plant has different varieties which you can grow as pot plant or as climber or as hedge. The flower of jasmine plant used for making gajra, and veni. Flowers are also used to make perfumes. Flower of jasmine are soaked in water, the water will provide cooling effect on human’s body.

There are so many medicinal and cosmetic uses of jasmine plant. First of all because of its fragrant flower you can grow it as anti depressing and stress releasing plant. You can use its flower for treating wound and itching. You can also use its flower as face pack to treat acne and dry skin.


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