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Sweet Basil Bon Classic - Seeds

1 packet contains - 50 seeds. This herb is known around the world for its wonderful fragrance and flavor.

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Description for Sweet Basil Bon Classic

Basil is loaded with volatile oils, responsible for the heady aroma and strong flavor so essential to cooking. The composition of oils varies greatly in different basil types, thus accounting for the wide range of scents available.

Pick the extra large leaves and use fresh or dried in tomato dishes, pasta sauces, vegetables and soups. You can also use basil in the garden as a companion plant to repel aphids, mites, and tomato horn-worms.

Common name Flower colours Bloom time Height Difficulty
Sweet basil White Year round Up to 24 inches Easy to grow

Planting and care

Planting should be start after last spring frost. Basil seeds are usually surface sown but can tolerate little bit of soil cover. Sow the seeds on a moist potting mix and barely cover it with soil or peat. They should germinate in a weeks time. Transplant them when they have 2 to 3 true leaves. Plant Basil plants 8 to 10 inches apart

Sunlight Soil Water Temperature Fertilizer
Full sun to partial shade Moist, well-drained soil Moderate 18 to 28 degrees C Basil needs little organic Fertilizer, should be added to the soil before planting.

Caring for Sweet Basil Bon Classic

  • Pinch or prune basil plants as they grow to promote branching and bushiness.
  • Never cut into the woody parts of a stem.
  • Basil flower buds should be removed by pinching as soon as you see them form.


Limited harvesting of the leaves can start on young plants and as they get larger, individual leaves as well as tips of the plants can be harvested.

Typical uses of Sweet Basil Bon Classic

Special features: Flavor

Culinary use: It is used to flavor soups, stews, tomato dishes, meat, game, fish, egg dishes, herb butters and herb vinegar.

Ornamental use: It can be planted for an ornamental use.

Medicinal use: It has many medicinal properties.


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