Bambusa Ventricosa, Buddha Belly Bamboo - Plant

bambusa ventricosa, buddha belly bamboo - plant title=
Note: The image is for reference purpose. Actual plant height will be 0.5 to 3ft.
Probably the toughest of the tropical clumping bamboos, Buddha's Belly is known for it utility as well as its adaptability.It is one of the most popular ornamental bamboos for collectors.It is most well-known for its unique tendency to have bulging culms, or bellies, that are directly influenced by the plant's water stress. However, it is also renowned for its ability to adapt to any number of growing conditions
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Bambusa ventricosa is a species of bamboo which is native to Vietnam and to Guangdong province in southern China. The species is widely cultivated in subtropical regions around the world for the bulbous and ornamental culms.

Common nameFlower coloursBloom timeHeightDifficulty
Buddha Belly Bamboo, Buddha BamboogreenRarely flowers40.00 to 55.00 feeteasy to grow

Planting and care

Plants prefer a near-neutral pH range of 5.5–7.0. A pH of 6.5 is just about right for most home gardens (slightly acidic to neutral).An accurate soil test will tell you where your pH currently stands. Acidic (sour) soil is counteracted by applying finely ground limestone, and alkaline (sweet) soil is treated with ground sulfur.

Full sun to part shadewell-drained soilWater Buddha belly plants in containers deeply about once or twice each week, and allow their soil to dry out between watering sessions. Water outdoor Buddha belly plants about once each week.
Reduce watering for the outdoor plants during rainy periods. Don't water indoor, outdoor or container Buddha belly plants at all during fall and winter, when the plants are dormant, and resume regular watering when their growth begins in spring and summer.
18 FApply any organic fertilizer


    Diligently water your plants. Soak the entire root zone at least twice a week in dry summer weather. Avoid frequent shallow sprinklings, which wont reach the deeper roots and may encourage fungus. Plants do best with 90 inches of rain per year, so unless you live in a rain forest, water regularly.

Special uses

Special features: Garden plant. Screens. Windbreaks. Containers. Bonsai.

Culinary use: leaves

Ornamental use: na

Medicinal use: na


    http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/ http://www.flowersofindia.net/
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