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Papaya Honey dew - 0.5 Kg Seeds

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Sweet and delicious, this papaya s bright orange flesh is wonderfully refreshing in fresh salads, alone or mixed with other fruit. Plants grow to 8 feet in containers kept in full sun with temperatures above 65 F. In warm, sunny areas, plants grow fast and ripen fruit within a year. Overwinter indoors and move outdoors in the summer. Fruits are borne along the trunk and ripen from hard green to softer yellow-orange. Palm-shaped, long-stalked foliage adds to the tropical look.

Papaya tree bears many spherical or pear-shaped fruits that can have about 6-20 inches in length and 4-12 inches in diameter. The average-sized papaya weighs about a pound. The fruit is said to ripen when it feels soft to thumb pressure, and its skin has attained an amber to orange hue.

Common name: papaya, pawpaw, tree melon,
Height: Height: 6-8 feet
Spread: 2-3 feet
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care

Sunlight: Grow best in full sun. Papayas love the heat and sunlight.

Soil: Papayas do best in rich soil that is high in organic matter. Make sure your planting location and soil has good drainage to avoid root rot.

Water: Water the papaya plants around the root zone as needed. Papayas need plenty of water to grow tasty fruit, but the plants do not tolerate wet feet. To avoid overwatering the papaya, water deeply only when the top 1 inch of soil dries.

Fertilizer: Apply a complete fertilizer every two months after planting, using a formula that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, such as 10-10-10.

Harvesting: You can pick the fruit when the skin starts to become yellow. The fruit will ripen after you have picked it. Handle it carefully because it gets bruised easily.

  • In addition to proper papaya growing conditions, suitable care of papaya fruit trees is also important.
  • In order for papaya trees to thrive, they require some fertilizer.
  • Provide young plants fertilizer every 14 days using ΒΌ pound of complete fertilizer.
  • Fertilize older trees with 1 to 2 pounds of fertilizer once a month.
  • Also, be sure to take a soil sample and amend as necessary.
  • Water trees frequently for best fruit production.
  • Mulch trees with 4 inches of wood chips to help retain moisture, taking care to keep the mulch 8 to 12 inches from the trunk.
  • Protect developing fruit from pests by placing a paper bag over them until they are ripe.

Culinary use:
  • Papaya is a very popular tropical fruit that is used widely in cooking.
  • The pink or golden flesh of papaya is used as a main component in various salads and desserts.

  • Green papaya is a good meat tenderizer hence it is grated and used in marinade as a tenderizer.
  • It is also a familiar ingredient in numerous stews and soup dishes.

  • Papaya is a widely eaten fruit in breakfast and many papaya dishes are served as side dishes such as chili papaya with venison and papaya with pineapple salsa.
  • Due to its long pear shape, papaya is a good fruit to be stuffed.

  • Papaya is pureed to make chutneys and sauces.
  • Baked papaya recipes are also very popular in various cuisines.
  • Papaya seeds are usually scooped out and discarded but they have a spicy flavor and can be dried and used as a peppery seasoning.

http://homeguides.sfgate.com/care-plant-conditions-papaya-fruit-trees-59729.html http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/fruits/papaya/growing-papaya-fruit.htm

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