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Madhuca longifoli, Mahua - 0.5 Kg Seeds

madhuca longifoli, mahua - 0.5 kg seeds
It is commonly known as mahua, mahwa, Iluppai.
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Mahua is a tropical deciduous fast-growing tree that grows to 20 meters in height and possesses evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage. It is cultivated in warm and humid regions for its oleaginous seeds, flowers and wood. The tree grows on a wide variety of soils but thrives best on sandy soil. The species is drought-resistant, strong light demander and readily suppressed under shade. It is not frost-hardy. It also grows on shallow, bouldery, clayey and calcareous soils.

Common name: Butter Tree, Mahua
Height: Grows to 20 meters in height
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care

Sunlight: Requires a sunny position

Soil: Prefers a deep loamy or sandy-loam soil with good drainage. It also occurs on shallow bouldery, clayey and calcareous soils.

Special Feature:
A full grown tree can produce up to 90 kg of flowers in a year
Medicinal use:
  • Medicinally the tree is very valuable.
  • The bark is used to cure leprosy and to heal wounds, tne flowers are prepared to relieve coughs, biliousness and heart-trouble while the fruit is given in cases of consumption and blood diseases.

Culinary use:
  • The fragrant fleshy flowers can be eaten raw or cooked.
  • Rich in nectar, they are used as a sweetener and a source of sugar.
  • They can also be dried for later use.
  • The dried flowers can be powdered and added to flour.
  • Excessive amounts can be intoxicating.

  • Both the ripe and the unripe fruit can be eaten.
  • The outer fruit coat is eaten as a vegetable, whilst the fleshy cotyledons are dried and ground into a meal.
  • The yellow fruit is about 5cm long.

  • An oil expressed from the seed is used both as a substitute for and an adulterant of ghee.
  • The seeds are a source of illipe butter, used in making margarine and chocolate.
  • The oil is of low quality.

  • The leaves are edible.

http://tropical.theferns.info/viewtropical.php?id=Madhuca+longifolia http://www.grow-trees.com/why_trees/updates/trees/92/mahua_mahwa_madhuka.aspx
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