Dodonaea Viscosa, Hopbush - 0.5 Kg Seeds

dodonaea viscosa, hopbush - 0.5 kg seeds
Dodonaea Viscosa Hedge Seeds, common name hopbush is used for D. viscosa specifically but also for the genus as a whole.

The south Indian state tamil ndau, this Plant is called by the name of Viraali(விராலி)

Australian common names include: broad leaf hopbush, candlewood, giant hopbush, narrow leaf hopbush, sticky hopbush, native hop bush, soapwood, switchsorrel, wedge leaf hopbush, and native hop.

Additional common names include: ʻaʻaliʻi, as well as ‘a‘ali‘i-ku ma kua and ‘a‘ali‘i ku makani in the Hawaiian language language; akeake (New Zealand); lampuaye (Guam); mesechelangel (Palau); chirca (Uruguay, Argentina); romerillo (Sonora, Mexico); jarilla (Southern Mexico); hayuelo (Colombia); ch'akatea (Bolivia); casol caacol (Seri); ghoraskai (Afghanistan).
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Sapindaceae, also known as the soapberry family, is a family of flowering plants in the order Sapindales. There are about 140–150 genera with 1400–2000 species, including maple, ackee, horse chestnut, and lychee.

Common name: sapindaceae
Color: yellow
Bloom time: july august
Height: 6-10 m
Difficulty level: easy to grow

Planting & Care
The Sapindaceae are mostly trees and shrubs, and tendril-bearing vines comprising about 140 genera and 1,500 species. The leaves are alternate, simple, or more commonly pinnately compound; stipules are absent except in the climbing forms. The flowers are small, actinomorphic or zygomorphic, and commonly functionally unisexual,
although a given individual may bear seemingly bisexual flowers together with either male or female flowers. The perianth typically is biseriate, consisting of calyx and corolla

Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Soil: well-drained soil

Water: medium

Temprature: 20-22 deg C.

Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer

  • The lower flower is functionally female, although the flower looks bisexual.
  • Though not obvious here, the 5-carpellate gynoecium in this species is exceptional in the family.
  • The two upper flowers are functionally male and show no evidence of a pistil.

  • Notched Leaf Soapnut is a medium to large size deciduous tree growing up to 18 m tall, with a 1.
  • 5 m trunk girth.
  • Bark is grey, shiny, covered with rough falling scales.
  • Leaves are pinnate, 12-30 cm long.
  • Leaflets are 2-3 pairs, lance-shaped, elliptic or oblong, long pointed or with a notched tip, dull above.
  • Flowers are white, polygamous, male flowers

Special Feature:
a few bisexual, both found in the same rusty-velvety panicles. Bisexual flowers provide ample pollen and nectar to bees
Medicinal use:
  • Fruits possess several medicinal properties and are widely used for example in the treatment of asthma, colic and dysentery, and during childbirth.

for medicinal use

http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/faculty/carr/sapind.htm http://www.flowersofindia.net/risearch/search.php?query=Sapindaceae&stpos=0&stype=AND
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