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Leafy Lettuce - ( 11 Seeds Pack )

Leafy Lettuce seeds pack has 11 variety of Lettuce vegetable.
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Description of Leafy Lettuce

  • Fresh healthy Vegetable leaves can be used in the preparation of soups and herbal sauces
  • Chopped, fresh Vegetable leaves can impart richness to salads
  • Along with other spicy items, selective healthy vegetable leaves are being used to enhance the flavor and taste of various recipes

This pack contains the following items

  • Lettuce Butter He...

  • Lettuce Butter He...

  • Lettuce Lollo Ros...

  • Lettuce Grand Rap...

  • Lettuce F1 Dark B...

  • Lettuce Ice Berg ...

  • Lettuce Misticanz...

  • Lettuce Romaine I...

  • Lettuce Ice Berg ...

  • Lettuce Biscia Sa...

  • Lettuce Ivonina B...
Name Price Quantity
Lettuce Butter Head Green - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Butter Head Red - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Lollo Rossa - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Grand Rapids - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce F1 Dark Black Rose - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Ice Berg Salista - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Misticanza - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Romaine Imported - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Ice Berg Crispiano - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Biscia Salad Bowl - Seeds1151Details
Lettuce Ivonina Batavia - Seeds1151Details

Benefits of this pack

  • Majority of day-to-day used vegetables are very low in calories and saturated fats
  • vegetables are rich in Vitamin-A, B carotenes, zeaxanthin, and crypto-xanthins, whereas dark-green vegetables are a good source of minerals and phenolic, flavonoid as well as anthocyanin anti-oxidants
  • You get a pack full of leafy vegetables having above benefits

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