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Acacia Concinna, Shikakai - Plant

acacia concinna, shikakai - plant
Note: The image is for reference purpose only. See plant detail below
Acacia concinna (Hindi name - Shikakai) is a climber shrub native to Asia, common in the warm plains of central and south India.
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The plants are medium fast growing and which is bushy cum creeper. These plants having curvy thorns, once the plants are developed animals even elephants not able to cross.

Common name: Shikakai
Color: Pink
Bloom time: Flowering and fruiting occurs between the months of October to January.
Height: The tree grows upto a height of 12 meters.
Difficulty level: Easy.

Planting & Care
Land should be well plough before planting.Keep proper distance between beds in the field.

Sunlight: Full sun.

Soil: The plants can be grown in moderately fertile. It can also cultivate in neutral to acidic soil.

Water: Plants requires plenty of water.

Temprature: Minimum 18 degrees C.

Fertilizer: FYM should be incorporated in soil at the time of land preparation.

  • If there is no rainfall, then regular watering is required at regular intervals.
  • Watering should be given after 15 days of plantation.

Medicinal use:
  • An infusion of the leaves is used in malarial fever.
  • A decoction of the pods relieves biliousness and acts as a purgative.
  • It is used to remove dandruff.
  • An ointment, prepared from the ground pods, is good for skin diseases.
  • The pods are reported to be used in north Bengal for poisoning fish.
  • The shikakai fruits are having good market, which will fetch good prices, these dried fruits are used to manufacture in herbal products and shampoo.

http://www.jnkvv-aromedicinalplants.in/front/Plant_Details/index.php?pid=41 http://www.grow-trees.com/why_trees/updates/trees/100/shikakai.aspx
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