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Gray / Silver Plants

Silver Dust, Dusty Miller - Plant

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Eucalyptus, Nilgiri - Plant

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Yucca - Plant

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Snowbush - Plant

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Pincushion Cactus - Cactus Plant

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Silver torch - Cactus Plant

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Angelonia Dwarf - Plant

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Trichocereus pachanoi - Plant

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Dracaena Silver - Plant

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Olive, Jaitun - Plant

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Mullein - Plant

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Nepeta hederacea - Plant

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About Gray / Silver Plants

Every garden is unique and serves as a reflection of the gardener who creates it, much in the same way a work of art reflects the artist. The colors you choose for your garden can even be likened to notes in a song, each serving to complement one another within the framework of the landscape and fused into a single, creative expression.

Plants with silver or gray color serve as buffers between areas of intense color or changes in theme. When used on their own, they gently soften the landscape. Let’s learn more about how to use silver foliage plants.Plants with silver or gray color are a biological adaptation that allows them to retain more water in dry, arid environments. Plant them in areas with dry soil that drains quickly after a rain.

Gray and silver plants are a pleasure to view and are easy to maintain. The silvery foliage has a precious and bright appearance. This color not only brightens up the dull, dark corner but it also accentuates the plants and flowers of other colors around it.Ideal for borders or in compositions with other annuals and looks amazing with almost every other flowering plant.


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