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Hymenocallis littoralis, Spider Lily (White) - Bulb

Hymenocallis littoralis, Spider Lily (White) - Bulb
Its whole bloom a spider-like look and it is beautiful to grow such an elegant flower.

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Description for Hymenocallis littoralis, Spider Lily (White)

It is a perennial herb. The bulb may be 7 to 10 cm in diameter. The flowers are large, white and without a stalk. Each flower tube is 14 to 17 cm long or longer than this. It may be grown in the water.

The flowers have the delightful fragrance, with up to 8 flowers blooming on each flower stalk at a time. It grows in clumps naturally and perfect as a ground cover below shady trees.

Common name(s): Beach spider lily
Flower colours: White
Bloom time: Mid-summer to late autumn
Max reacahble height: Up to 3 inches
Difficulty to grow:: Easy to grow

Planting and care

It is well grown in a warmer coastal region whereas widely cultivated and naturalized in many tropical countries. You should maintain relative humidity around 40 to 50 percent.

Sunlight: Full sunlight to partial shade
Soil: Well-drained soil
Water: Moderate
Temperature: Warm season 21 to 29 degrees C; minimum winter temperature of 16 degrees C
Fertilizer: Prefer an organic fertilizer.

Caring for Hymenocallis littoralis

  • Give them plenty of water throughout the growing season.
  • Add sand to the soil for good drainage.
  • Re-pot in spring when you see crowded growth.
  • Bring a plant back indoors when the temperature drops to 13 degrees C at night.

Typical uses of Hymenocallis littoralis

Special features: Vanilla scented; Hymenocallis littoralis is included in the Tasmanian Fire Service's list of low flammability plants.

Culinary use: NA

Ornamental use: Hymenocallis is often grown as an ornamental. Beautiful in groups as a mass display.

Medicinal use: NA


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5 / 5 Rashmi Padmawar 04 March 2018
Cash on delivery honi chahiye
5 / 5 Bhargavi 08 August 2017
Can this plant be grown through seeds
4 / 5 Parvati Gujju 18 April 2017
Which other plant can be grown with this plant.
4 / 5 Jolly Joy Monteroyo 06 April 2017
Which other plant can be grown with this plant.
5 / 5 Deepika Aggarwal 05 January 2017
Perfect plant to bring contrast colours in your garden.

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