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Daffodil (Mix Color) - Bulbs

Daffodil (Mix Color) - Bulbs
Daffodils are beautiful flowers. Also called as Narcissus daffodils are hardy flowering plants.
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Description for Daffodil (Mix Color)

The plants are scapose, having a single central leafless hollow flower stem. Several green or blue-green, narrow, strap-shaped leaves arise from the bulb. The plant stem usually bears a solitary flower, but occasionally a cluster of flowers (umbel). Flowers may be single or double, grow singly on a stem or with multiple flowers per stem, and height varies from 6 to 20 inches.

This trumpet shape contains the stamens and is the most conspicuous feature of the flower. The popularity of daffodil has resulted in the production of many varieties differing from the yellow parent form mainly in colour; the trumpet and petals may themselves be of contrasting yellow, white, pink, or orange.

Common name(s): Daffodil, daffadowndilly, narcissus
Flower colours: Mix color
Bloom time: Late winter or early spring
Max reacahble height: 6 to 20 inches
Difficulty to grow:: Easy to grow

Planting and care

The popularity of Carlton is surpassed by only a handful of other daffodils and it is not hard to figure out why this one ranks high. Take classic daffodil yellow blooms, add strong stems, good stalk height for garden and vase use, and robust perennializing abilities throughout its growing range and you have got a first-rate flower.
Also, the blossoms scents are like that of sugar cookies, sweet and with strong vanilla overtones. Plant this with Ice Follies for a sure-fire combo. Deer and rodent proof.

Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
Soil: Loose and well drained. To improve drainage in heavy soils, deeply dig in plenty of organic matter prior to planting.
Water: Medium. In many regions, fall and winter are wet or snowy enough to provide moisture. Plants do not need summer moisture.
Temperature: Daffodil flowers grow best in 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit
Fertilizer: Daffodils do not require heavy fertilization. Use any organic fertilizer.

Caring for Daffodil

  • Apply a low-nitrogen, high-potash fertilizer after flowering if bulbs are not performing.
  • Water late-flowering daffodils in dry spring weather (flowers may abort in dry conditions).
  • Deadhead plants as flowers fade (for neater garden appearance) and allow leaves to remain for at least 6 weeks.
  • Lift and divide the clumps when flowering becomes sparse or the clumps congested.
  • After they bloom in the spring, allow the plants to grow until they die off.
  • They need time after blooming to store energy in the bulbs for next year.
  • To remove the dead plants, either snip them off at the base or twist the leaves while pulling lightly.
  • Water newly planted bulbs thoroughly.



Typical uses of Daffodil

Special features: Attractive flowers

Culinary use: NA

Ornamental use: Daffodils bring cheer to the spring garden with abundant flowers in hues of yellow, white, pink, and salmon. Varieties are available in a range of sizes and forms.

Medicinal use: NA


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5 / 5 Vidhya Biju 18 April 2018
I received daffodil bulbs from you today. It's of bad quality...most of them are rotten.
5 / 5 Karthikeyan N 23 June 2017
Is this a fregrance flowering plant.
5 / 5 Rini Sen 19 May 2017
Can this be grown in terrace.
5 / 5 Pinky Talreja 28 April 2017
Is this a fregrance flowering plant.
4 / 5 Rameshwar Jagdale 24 January 2017
Which season i grow the plant

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