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Crocus sativus, Kesar, Saffron - Bulbs

Crocus sativus, Kesar, Saffron - Bulbs
You can grow saffron crocus bulbs in your garden and harvest your own saffron.

The pack contains saffron Crocus, Kesar, Zaafraan - 5 bulbs
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Description for Crocus sativus, Kesar, Saffron

Saffron plants are a bulbous, perennial with globular corms, having 15 to 20 cm plant height. Kesar is the name given to the fragrant stigmata found in the Crocus flower. It is a regal spice of matchless aroma and the most costly in the world. It is used mainly for its yellow color. Saffron has a pleasant aroma and an essential oil crocin.

Common name(s): Kesar, Zaafraan, Saffron
Flower colours: Purple
Bloom time: Autumn
Max reacahble height: Up to 20 cm
Difficulty to grow:: Easy to grow

Planting and care

Corms should be planted at 10 to 12 cm deep; maintaining 10 to 12 cm spacing between two bulbs. This bulb requires loose and porous potting soil.

The saffron crop requires a little water. Avoid overwatering; it may cause the root rot.

Sunlight: Full sunlight
Soil: Sandy Loam Soil
Water: Moderately
Temperature: 20 to 30 degree C
Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer.

Caring for Crocus sativus

  • Watering should be done early in the morning if the soil feels dry to touch.
  • Avoid overwatering and waterlogging condition.
  • Apply organic fertilizer in autumn season and immediately after flowering.


Harvest the full bloomed flower early in the morning. After harvesting the flower, extract the orange-red stigma from the flower.

Typical uses of Crocus sativus

Special features: Saffron stigma has a pleasant aroma and an essential oil crocin.

Culinary use: It is used in soups, sauces especially rice dishes to give them bright yellow color and distinctive flavor. It is used in sweets, like Rasmalai, Thandai, Kesar milk, ice cream, halwa, and Srikand.


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5 / 5 Himanshu Sharma 09 February 2018
Shimla mirch colourful मंगाये थे जिनके साथ aleovera pot plant फ्री दिखाया लेकिन दिया फ्री 4 बीज ककड़ी के
5 / 5 Madhu Kumar 03 September 2017
Beautiful flowering plant
4 / 5 Marudadu RajyaLakshmi 20 August 2017
Can this be grown in terrace.
5 / 5 Ragasekar 20 April 2017
In which it flowers?
5 / 5 Vishal Tejaswi 20 April 2017
Shall we use it in hanging pots ?

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