Calla Lily, Zantedeschia Aethiopica - 4 bulbs

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The pack contains Zantedeschia Aetheopica, Calla Lily - 4 bulbs
Zantedeschia aethiopica (known as calla lily and arum lily)
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Calla lily flowers, also called trumpet lilies or Lily of the Nile, most often have waxy-white flowers that gracefully twist and curl, ending in a delicate point. Calla lily flowers can also come in pink, orange or red, and the dark green, heart-shaped foliage can also be variegated with white spots. Calla lily plants are native to marshlands of South Africa but have gained popularity in gardens in the United States as marginal pond plants and container plants. It is a popular flower for weddings and Easter, and cut calla lily flowers last a long time in floral displays.

Common name: Trumpet lilies, Lily of the Nile, Zantedeschia Aethiopica
Color: Pacific pink, black jack purple, yellow pot of gold, hot chocolate, hot blooded orange, honey, picante orange and more.
Bloom time: The plant usually blooms for about six weeks during the late spring and early summer.
Height: 6” & 8”.
Difficulty level: Easy to grow.

Planting & Care
Calla Lilies should be planted in a location that gets full sun for most of the day, but some late afternoon shade, particularly in hot summer regions. Callas grow best in a moist, well drained soil that has been enriched with compost and other organic matter.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil: Use a good peat moss based potting soil that is well aerated and drains quickly. You can add builder’s sand or perlite if the soil seems too heavy and clay-like.

Water: These plants like moist soil at all times. Calla Lilies are not drought resistant and should never be allowed to totally dry out; but will not do well if the soil is too soggy or they are allowed to sit in water.

Temprature: Room temperatures should be between 50-75°F, 10-24°C for optimal growth. Keep Calla Lilies away from heating and air conditioning vents. If planted outdoors, be sure to dig up the Calla Lily bulbs and bring them inside before temperatures dip below freezing.

Fertilizer: Fertilize an indoor Calla Lily every two weeks when the plant is flowering with a liquid plant food low in Nitrogen. When the plant is producing only leaves and no flowers, fertilize monthly. Always dilute the plant food to ½ the recommended strength. If your Calla Lily is planted outside, use a granular plant food instead of a liquid fertilizer.

Harvesting: Grow the calla lily plant from bulbs. Dig bulbs from the ground after the plant has died back in the fall (divide the bulb to get more plants). Plant dried calla lily bulbs 3 inches deep with the foliage pointing upward. After planting, the calla lily will bloom in about three months. You can also propagate calla lilies by growing them from seed.


  • As with planting, there’s not too much required for the care of calla lilies other than keeping them watered and fertilized.
  • An adequate layer of mulch around the plants will help keep the area moist and free of weeds.
  • Calla lilies require a dormant period once flowering has ceased.
  • During this time, you should refrain from watering as much to allow the plant to die back.
  • If you grow calla lilies in containers, cease watering and move the plant to a dark area once the foliage has faded.
  • Regular watering can resume within two to three months.
  • Although calla lilies can remain in the ground year round in warmer climates, they should be lifted and stored in cooler areas.


Special Feature:
Calla Lilies are rhizomous, clump forming plants known for their large, lush green foliage and beautiful, stately flowers.
Ornamental use:



  • The Calla Lily is a beautiful plant whether grown outdoors or indoors in a decorative pot by a sunny window


A Calla Lily is a very poisonous houseplant with a #3 Toxicity level. Please keep all Lily Plants away from small children and pets. Calla Lily contains high levels of Calcium Oxalate and ingestion may cause severe burning and swelling of the mouth, throat, lips, and tongue. Stomach distress and diarrhea can also occur.

http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/calla-lily/growing-calla-lilies-and-care-of-calla-lilies.htm http://www.rocketfarms.com/flowers/calla-lilies


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