Bring Juhi, Champa, Chemeli, Rajnigandha & more for scented gardens & indoors naturally.

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Most garden plants look good, but how many offer a scent as capti­vating as their appearance? And how often do we actually detect a scent?

A kind breeze sometimes brings one to our notice, or we bury our face into flowers for a whiff. Make fragrance a daily delight by lining a garden path with gorgeous, scented plants. The key is to use a variety that releases its perfume at different times of the year.

nurserylive-rajnigandha-plant9 nurserylive-scented-rose-1 nurserylive-spider-lily-1 sandlewood
Rajnigandha  Scented Rose Spider Lilly Sandal Wood (White)
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nurserylive-juhi nurserylive-raat-ki-rani9 michelia-champa-son-champa nurserylive-kunda1
Juhi, Jasminum.. Raat Ki Rani Son Champa Kunda, Downy Jasmine
Rs 199 Detail | Buy Rs 214 Detail | Buy Rs 384 Detail | Buy Rs 199 Detail | Buy
nurseryline-mogra nurserylive-sage-1 plumeria-white nurserylive-mandevilla-red
Mogra, Arabian Jasmine Sage Champa (White) Mandevilla (Red)
Rs 199 Detail | Buy Rs 384 Detail | Buy Rs 672 Detail | Buy Rs 431 Detail | Buy
nurserylive-manderville pink-plumeria nurserylive-ixora1-orange nurserylive-gardenia
Mandevilla (White) Champa (Pink) Ixora Dwarf (Orange) Ghanda Raj
Rs 681 Detail | Buy Rs 672 Detail | Buy Rs 897 Detail | Buy Rs 384 Detail | Buy


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Imagine your garden rising and falling through the seasons, with flowers, foliage, and scents ever changing. You’ll find yourself stopping to smell the garden every time you walk out the door, so you might want to kiss punctuality good-bye.

Use coupon Code NLSEP5008FP to get Rs 100 OFF (Offer valid till 7 Sep on min order of Rs 699)

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