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Gardening for Kids ‚Five plants that are perfect for kids (3/3) - Nurserylive

Gardening for Kids ‚Five plants that are perfect for kids (3/3)

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate” – Anonymous

In the series before, we spoke about the six important values that can be learned when kids take care of plants – Patience, Planning, Ownership, Composure, Hard Work, and Empathy.

In the final part of the series, we will cover some amazing plants that you can grow indoors with your kids.

You can give your kids the full gardening experience complete with plant, pebbles and garden toys by going for the DIY kits or select a small sapling that will grow into a beautiful plant.

Here are FIVE easy-to-maintain plants that are perfect to grow with your kids: -

1. Syngonium Miniature Garden

Syngonium is a sturdy, all-weather plant that is easy to maintain at home. This pack comes with the ‘dada-dadi’ garden toys and sand that mimics snow in its appearance is a visual delight a child will love to take care of and provide timely reminder of his grandparents.

2. Lucky Bamboo Miniature Garden

There are only two types of children – those who have seen Kung Fu Panda and those who haven’t.

Kids love the huggable panda and their favorite food, the lucky bamboo plant. Add in a miniature Buddha toy and you have a delightful combination that your child will be brimming with excitement to maintain.


3. Spinach Seed Ball Kit

A great opportunity to introduce your children to the classic cartoon, Popeye, and his favorite food – spinach. These seed ball kits can be planted in fresh earth and grown into your own personal spinach garden.


4. Cacti Miniature Garden

Offering a unique visual and tactile experience, this combination of Haworthia, Echinopsis and Bunny Ear cacti creates an image of a desert in the Wild West. This pack also comes with fun garden toys including a fence, rabbits with carrots and more.

5. Peace Lily Miniature Garden

One of the rarest indoor flowering plants, the Peace Lily is a beautiful addition to any household. If its air purifying characteristics haven’t won you over, then the accompanying set of park bench toys will surely convince you to bring this plant home.

Which ‘Plant Buddy’ did you like the most? Are they any more plants you would suggest? Tell us in the comments below.

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