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6 Ways to Create the Perfect Plant-Filled Reading Nook

6 Ways to Create the Perfect Plant-Filled Reading Nook

A carefree afternoon or even five minutes is a rarity in our hectic lives. However, designating areas in our homes for calm activities like reading, working through a stack of magazines, or meditating can serve as reminders to slow down and find time for self-care in the midst of stressful schedules.

This can be accomplished with a reading nook. A reading nook is a location where you can sit and take a breath, even if a nice chair, plush throw cushion, and ottoman invite you to crack open a beloved book. What are some of your favourite things to do when you want to relax? Is that an Etsy-purchased warm handwoven throw blanket? A little table piled high with books, artwork, and fresh flowers?

Maybe it's just being surrounded by an indoor jungle of houseplants. Power of plants to create unmatched focus is well known. Here are few ways more and more plants can be inculcated in different ways to create those worthy of curling up reading corners.

1.Set the Scene with a view through a window.

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A reading nook can simply be created in a window location, especially one with a nice view. Place your preferred chair near a window with a view to excite all of your senses — and not just while you're away from your computer. To add to the charm, read along with a song.

Some window sill garden plants may make all the difference when it comes to setting the perfect atmosphere and ambiance. A peaceful soundtrack combined with a green landscape can be just the thing to get you in the mood for some relaxing time.

2. Sit amidst the jungle of Houseplants

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Plants have been scientifically shown to improve our mood. Our spirits improve and tension is reduced when we bring the outside in. Why not surround a reading nook with a gathering of oh-so-green houseplants to make it a relaxing space? If you're having trouble deciding which corner to make your reading nook, a spot with a lot of plants might be the answer.

Plants can serve to improve the reading environment by adding colour and texture to the space. Houseplants are popular because of their ability to bring a sense of serenity and wellness into the home.

If you're a lazy bum, a few plants on the floor will suffice.

3. Make the most of every inch of available space

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However, a lack of room does not have to limit your green thumb! There are several methods to include extra plants into your reading room without crowding it. You merely have to think vertically if you're short on space.

Shelves aren't just for displaying your books. Plants on wall shelves, ceilings, and room dividers are all creative methods to prevent having your plants take up all of your floor space and make room for extra books and stationery.

Succulents, pothos and table top plants work fantastic in such situations.

4. Place Some More Plants on Your Work table to make a work cum reading space

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Having additional greenery in your desk has been shown in numerous scientific research. Plants can make your workstation more quiet, tranquil, and interesting, and if you're short on space, this work space can also double as a little reading nook.

This notion is a lifesaver for those who aren't particularly artistic. These are the greatest plants for freshening up your workstation, from office table plants to cacti and succulents to the popular ZZ plants and golden pothos. What's even better? All of them are available online.

5. Create Some Reading Space in balcony and balcony plants

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Why not make the most of your balcony if you have one? In your balcony, you can make a lovely reading nook. If your balcony is really small, no furniture is required; simply set some cushions and pillows on the balcony, add blankets, and you have a nice hideaway! When working with tiny spaces, some hanging furniture can be very useful.

Along with these touches, some balcony plants will offer the natural element that your balcony reading room requires.

While you sit for a nice read, several modest potted plants will add all the plant appeal.

6. Choose a Bookcase with No Back.

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Why not use a backless bookcase full with plants to break up an open layout? That's exactly what you can to separate your bedroom from your reading area, and you can cram as many plant babies as you place that nearly ceiling-high room divider.

You can make the most of vertical space in the modest loft. It also provides you with a large number of surfaces on which to keep your beloved books and to grow plants with lots of sunshine, while maintaining the loft's open and cheerful vibe.

The key is to think about what makes you happy and calm, and include those qualities into your reading nook. Hopefully, you're feeling more motivated than ever to add extra greenery to your reading area. Do let us know what did you create by sharing picture on social media.

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