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What we can learn from plants in this pandemic - Nurserylive

What we can learn from plants in this pandemic

Plants live their entire lives clasped in one spot, exactly like the circumstances many of us are facing at this moment. They get their nutrients, their water, and everything without moving from their spots and this is something we can learn from them. Right now, our lives have become stranded by the four walls of our homes. It is very difficult for some to maintain their peace of mind with some missing the daily activity, even to the point of panic-inducing attacks. We crave our social life, our day to day habits, even the small minuscule task we used to do every day.

Through this quarantine period, the one thing we need utmost is Hope. The hope that we will overcome this pandemic, the hope that our loved ones will survive, the hope that no matter what humanity will overcome this and become stronger in itself, as a community and as individuals. We cannot abandon that hope.

Just look towards the plants around us. They have overcome many instances without straying from their spots. They are immovable and still manage to survive in various situations which could mean the end of them but didn’t. there have been instances where plants have overcome being walked on, insects creeping and biting on them, droughts, heatwaves, and whatnot. Many a time, the plants we bring home have astonished us with their will to survive. Plants are able to grow from cuttings, bulbs, and even manage to grow in inhospitable environments.

The saying that tomorrow is another day is appropriate for plants as they manage to thrive and survive and even flourish in spite of all everything that happens to them.

I remember in our locality, there was this one tree that unfortunately happened to grow in a drainage pipe but still tried its best to grow. It went through the pipe and then at the opening in the top, it grew and spread its wings in all its glory. Plants have that will to survive and manage to do so in spite of all the turmoil and chaos around them. When we walk on the streets, there are trees whose roots have gone through stone pavements and strived. There are some who have pulled their roots through the small gaps in pavements and managed to grow. We have even seen abandoned places that have been overrun by nature with trees growing through their roofs and going through walls. There have been trees who grew in spite of being chained and still grow with all their might. Abandoned cars, bikes, bicycles have all been claimed by the trees which grew around them and often at times through them.

Plants can inspire us through their will to survive. There are flowers who in spite of being stepped on, still manage to turn their flowers to help in pollination. Bees, butterflies, and moths all help in pollination. For this they need to do so in a particular order and get the pollen dust over their bodies. Then they move on to the next and deposit the pollen of the previous flower and take on new ones. This ensures that there would be new generations of their species growing all around them. Tigger plants have been known to reorient their flowers to accommodate the bees and pollination Sunflowers follow the sun in their subtle way to get the energy from them. There have been incidents of roses growing in garbage landfills and striving in their own way. Angkor wat is an ancient Buddhist temple that was abandoned and now has banyan trees with their roots over the walls. There have been entire trees that have fallen over and still managed to reorient themselves to face the sun. trees which have been cut down and after a few years managed to regrow a new sprout.

Trees and plants have the will to survive and thrive and we can gain hope from them that we will survive and thrive in this particular period and come out stronger at the end of it.

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