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Make no mistakes practice these habits to maintain social distancing at work

Make no mistakes practice these habits to maintain social distancing at work

It's been about more than a month following the government inflicted lockdown, we all are anxiously waiting for the day when this pandemic gets over. Accessing essential items, longing for family, missing birthday celebrations, hanging out with friends, holding team meetings, and missing your favorite office companion are some of the things we are entreating for. and we sincerely want everything to normalize very soon.

Contradicting our hopes there comes the flip view, since the coronavirus is so new to the family of the corona, that researchers are locating it hard to come up with an antidote, or vaccine, Taking this further, the World Health Organisation chief has announced that "we have a long way to go, and CORONA VIRUS is going to stay with us for a long time". The lockdown is looked as one of the temporary shields to protect ourselves from COVID-19 VIRUS and it will take some time for the pandemic to bring everything under control.

We have been carefully understanding the fact that everybody has to pay heed to what has been requested by the government. Staying home, maintaining social distancing in public places to protect others, and following these strategies with utmost care to keep life as normal as possible. 

Until the vaccine is out for our certainty, we need to practice physical distancing measures till 2022' say experts. In an analysis of the COVID-19 virus, it will take years to overcome this catastrophic state.

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The global economy has seen a steep fallout and as a result the general livable conditions are going to worsen for everyone. Measures to keep the businesses running for the income flow of the needy is the highest priority and are gazed to support the nation as a whole. Companies are carefully developing protection policy for their workforce to rejoin to jobs, and contribute to shared survival.

Following this there have been raising concerns and dismay amongst the public to resume to the office and stay guarded. Workplaces such as- Hospitals, Banks, essential items shops, and community workers have been out in the situation and are fighting to stop the coronavirus. The key to be out working in any official building would be to stay alert and follow all precautions to deal with COVID-19.

Hence, social distancing at work would be the driving code to bring us back to work effectively. Depending on the Industry and volume of workflow, every company is developing its post lockdown framework for a healthy and safe work ambiance. Here are a few important factors to prepare you for the coming days.

If you are feeling unwell and symptomatic, avoid contact with others, Do not travel if you are sick. 

Use of Face masks and hand gloves is highly recommended if you are stepping out of your house.

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Here's how you can support and practice social distancing while moving to your workplace-

  1. Traveling to office- While traveling to the office, avoid public transportation.
  2. Use of private vehicles is essential, and should only be used by the members of the same family.
  3. Office vehicles or cabs should be shared with the same individuals and with a minimum number of people at any time.
  4. Use of protective gear, such as face masks, respirators, hand gloves should be used by everyone who is accompanying you.
  5. Good ventilation, facing away from each other will help reduce the transmission of any kind of infection.
  6. A safe distance of 6 ft between the people sitting should be exercised.
  7. Vehicles sanitation, driver safety measures, such as hand gloves, masks should be taken care of before onboarding. Along with a first aid kit, sanitizers and face masks should be kept to significantly reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Practicing Social distancing in the office-

  1. Think about what you can do without having to meet.
  2. Restrict in-person meetings with colleagues or managers. Extension calls, skype, WhatsApp, emails, or internal communication platforms are highly recommended.
  3. Keep 3-6 feet away from colleagues while sitting and talk to them only if needed. Use zoom and phone and other IT support as you can for an important agenda.
  4. Wear masks and hand gloves during office hours, be mindful of touching your face. Even with handwashing, if you are touching surfaces and then touching your mouth, nose, and eyes then you are creating a path to transmit.
  5. Use soaps OR sanitizers before eating, and keep a safe distance from your co-workers.
  6. Sharing food, any type of eatable item should be highly avoided.
  7. Avoid going to areas open to many people. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after the washroom. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  8. Avoid using lifts. If you have to use one, check the number of people getting elevated, maintain one hand distance, face distant from each other.
  9. Avoid office functions, celebrations, conferences, customs, by all means.

Together with our small actions we can fight the spread of coronavirus and safeguard people around us!! Stay Safe!

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