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India Jeetega! Covid Haarega! A people driven fight against CoronaVirus

With the pandemic exploding around us, each and every part of society has been affected. We are fearful about the safety of loved ones and survival for tomorrow. During such gloomy days, there have been people who have gone the extra step to support those in need as the pandemic continues.

Many unsung heroes are helping fight Corona each day through their efforts. Today, every person is making an effort to help fight the COVID-19 in their way. Some individuals are making face masks made from recycled cloth from home, others are feeding the hungry and caring for animals daily, and some have made their contribution to the PM Cares Coronavirus relief fund. Coronavirus is humanity’s fight against this deadly disease, which can only be fought by following the preventive measures and helping as much as we can towards the community.

Organizations, industrialists, film personalities even neighbors have stepped up to ensure that humanity doesn’t lose hope. There have been a diverse group of people, who have gone and shown what heroes they are by doing countless acts of kindness such as delivering rations to those in need, ensuring the safety of the elderly and worrying about their wellbeing, etc. Individuals have diverted their marriage funds to help stabilize the pandemic or provide essential PPEs (Protective/ Preventive Equipment) to hospitals and medical facilities.

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the worst hit are the poor and the immigrants as well as the daily wage earners. Many NGOs, corporate, and state governments have started their initiatives to fulfill their needs during these difficult times. It has become such that even the common man has started doing their part to help. In many parts, it has become tough to procure food rations, masks, sanitizers, and other essential commodities.

Bengaluru-based Investment banker Shiv Bansal noticed this when he arrived at his hometown Siliguri in West Bengal where Home delivery wasn’t a viable alternative and people had to go out to get their essential rations, to tackle this problem, he started Janta Delivery – a hyperlocal doorstep delivery venture that takes care of the last-mile logistics of groceries and other essentials. Janata Delivery works in a quite simple way. Customers place their grocery orders by sending a text message. It took only three days for Shiv to start the venture. He pulled together a five-member team and sorted out operations, starting Janta Delivery in Siliguri with three primary goals — deliver grocery to the doorstep so that people can still respect social distancing, provide employment to migrant workers so that they can sustain their livelihood, and discourage people from hoarding groceries by providing them with a reliable delivery service.

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Sudhir Kumar, a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) in the Indian Army, currently posted in Amritsar, Punjab, took a month-long leave to visit his family in Jatwalia village in Motihari district of Bihar. He also took out a loan of 4 lakhs to help prepare for his daughter’s wedding, however, due to Lockdown it didn’t materialize. While preparing for the lockdown, Mr. Sudhir noticed the lack of masks available with those which were being sold were at a greater expense. When he saw that, he decided to make these masks himself and as his wife had been taught to sew and stitch as per the army welfare program, was also well versed in preparing bags and whatnot. With a sewing machine at home, raw materials to make masks, and a desire to serve the country, Sudhir and his wife started stitching masks. Sudhir tells that he got the masks approved by a doctor in his district, who verified that the masks are as good as the masks available in Motihari district.

As the majority of these people belong to the rural pockets of India and have no means to send the money to their families, a farmer by the name of Chhayarani Sahu, has started sharing her homegrown vegetables for free to about 15 villages in Odisha. In Karnataka, two brothers Tajamul and Muzamil Pasha sold their 30*40 plot of land, they owned in the town, for 25 lakhs to feed the needy in these critical times. The Pasha brothers roped in 20 other volunteers and chose to help the poor with groceries and ration. Every day, they buy groceries in volume and distribute them in ration packets to the destitute.

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Take a look around if you can be of any help to your neighbor, especially for the elderly and the disabled people. A small act of kindness can help to fight these tough times.

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