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This monsoon try your hand at Vegetable gardening! - Nurserylive

This monsoon try your hand at Vegetable gardening!

It’s monsoon season and the excitement of dewy wind and cold ambiance overtakes us, bouncing inside us, making us feel like little carefree enjoying every bit of the season. when the smell of light, wet soil rises, and that cool breeze gently moves around us. After the severe, long, and scorching heat of the summer sun its time for rains! The first monsoon is generally going to calm the blazing summer heat.

In India, the monsoon season usually lasts for four months starting from June to September and makes for an excellent time to grow any plant. As there is a drop in temperature, the environment and moisture adds to the faster growth of plants. Many vegetables are suitable for the rainy season and grow amazingly during these months. 

So, if you are growing fresh vegetables at your home, here are a few vegetables to pick for your monsoon ready kitchen garden.

Tomato / Tamatar

Tomato, Tamatar (Solanum lycopersicum) One of the most versatile vegetables, tomatoes rule the food.... right from desi curry to amazing Italian cuisine, tomato are just perfect to be grown in your home garden. Choose from the variety of tomato seeds available for growing and enjoy the richness of freshly available food.

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Carrot / Gajar

Carrot, Gajjari (Daucus carota subsp. sativus), growing gajar in monsoon season is simple as it is a year-round crop. You just have to choose the right quality seeds and assistance to have a fresh supply of juicy gajar from your own home garden around the year.

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Okra / Bhindi

Ladies finger, Okra, Bhindi (Abelmoschus esculentus). Be it masala curry, or Okra chips, it is one of the most savored vegetables in India, enjoyed by people of every region. Its one of the easiest vegetables to grow, needing a sunny and humid climate to grow. The start of the rainy season in India is the ideal time to plant bhindi.

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Brinjal / Baingan

Eggplant, Brinjal (Solanum melongena), native to South India, Baingan absolutely rules some authentic Indian curries. Baingan ka bharta, crisp brinjal fries are are souls of Indian culinary. It is a loved vegetable and grows well in rainy seasons.

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Radish / Mooli

Radish, Mooli, Mula (Raphanus sativus), Mooli is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Popular for its benefits and it's widely grown all across India. Mooli ke parathe or the super tasty achaar, this is undoubtedly every moms preferred vegetable.

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Beans / Sem Phali

Bean, sem phali, semi (disambiguation). Sem Phali is a legume grown for its nutritious seeds, or beans. One of the longest-cultivated plants, these can be grown anywhere without much care. These are easy to cook including boiling, frying, and baking, and are used in several dishes.

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Sweet Potato / Shakarkand

Sweet Potato, Shakarkand (Ipomoea batatas), sweet potatoes are best to be grown in monsoon season. These are super easy to grow in large containers or backyards. This unique vegetable is mostly boiled and baked and used in traditional dishes. 

Beetroot / Chukandar

Beetroot, Carkkaraiva, chukandar (Beta vulgaris), a vegetable famous for its countless benefits, it is possible to have beetroots all year round and not just the rainy season! They are so easy to grow that even a gardening beginner can plant them. Monsoon season can be perfect to have nutritious beetroots in your home garden.

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