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Quarantine vBlog : Regrowing food from your own kitchen? - Nurserylive

Quarantine vBlog : Regrowing food from your own kitchen?

Not able to go out to buy seeds for your vegetables garden - here is the simple solution for you. You can pick vegetables from your fridge and plant them to get your plants.

This is a vBlog series is to make it simple for you.

Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding, but in this period of quarantine it has multiples benefits:

 1. It provides us useful physical exercise when you can't go out of your homes.

2. You can engage your kids and help them to learn a few special skills.

3. Its very handy to have some veggies of your own in these times of crisis.

4. Gardening is a great stress buster and can have healing effect.

 Here we have picked best videos from various video bloggers from YouTube to help you learn these simple techniques.













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