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Dalbergia Oojeinensis, Sandan - 0.5 Kg Seeds

dalbergia oojeinensis, sandan - 0.5 kg seeds title=
Common name: Sandan • Hindi: सन्दन Sandan, तिन्नास Tinnas • Kannada: bettahonne, huli, karimutale, karimuttala • Malayalam: malavenna, nemi, totukara • Marathi: kalapalas, tanach, tewas • Nepali: सन्दन Sandan • Oriya: bandano • Sanskrit: Akshaka, Ashmagarbhaka, Atimuktaka, Bhasmagharba • Tamil: Naநரிவெஂகை vengai, atimuttam, cakkirini • Telugu: తెల్లమొతుకు Tellamotuku atimuktamu, badanegi
Synonyms: Dalbergia oojeinensis, Ougeinia oojeinensis, Ougeinia dalbergioides

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The pack contains 5 bulbs each of
  • Gladiolus bulbs
  • Rajanigandha bulbs
  • Zephyranthes bulbs
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Note: We do not provde germination guarantee in forestry, ornamental seeds & medicinal seeds. Proper germination instruction and plant care conditions must be followed by customer for expected results.

Sandan is a medium sized deciduous tree, 6-12 m tall, with a short crooked trunk and dark brown, deeply cracked bark. Leaves are trifoliate, with large, rigidly leathery leaflets. Central leaflet is broadly elliptic or roundish, sometimes trapezoidal, with 4-8 pairs of main nerves. Flowers are numerous, white or pink, borne in short racemes fascicled from the nodes of old branches. Fruit is a linear, flat pod, light brown in colour, with 2-5 seeds per pod.

Common name: Sandan • Hindi: सन्दन Sandan, तिन्नास Tinnas • Kannada: bettahonne, huli, karimutale, karimuttala • Malayalam: malavenna, nemi, totukara • Marathi: kalapalas, tanach, tewas • Nepali: सन्दन Sandan • Oriya: bandano • Sanskrit: Akshaka, Ashmagarbhaka, Atimuktaka, Bhasmagharba • Tamil: Naநரிவெஂகை vengai, atimuttam, cakkirini • Telugu: తెల్లమొతుకు Tellamotuku atimuktamu, badanegi
Color: Light-pink to white.
Height: 7-14 meters
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care

Sunlight: Young trees and seedlings need a moderate amount of shade, but once established they require full sunlight for best development.

  • Direct sowing is very successful and highly recommended.
  • Nursery-propagation accelerates seedling growth, however the large taproot of sandan makes transplanting difficult.
  • Establishment by stump sprouts also gives good results.
  • One-year old seedlings with root-collar diameters of 5 cm are recommended.
  • For stump production, seedlings should be cut 2-3 cm above the root-collar and 20-25 cm below.
  • Propagation by root cuttings is successful, but stem cuttings yield poor results.
  • Erosion control: Sandan coppices well and produces abundant root-suckers.
  • This characteristic is particularly useful for controlling erosion along steep banks and eroded hillsides.

Special Feature:
Uses:Fodder: The leaves are highly valued as cattle feed. Farmers lop side branches, but often spare the main limbs to assure good growth and future supplies of fodder. In some areas, natural stands of this species are such important fodder resources that timber harvesting is forbidden. Leaves contain 12- 15% crude protein.Sandan wood is a good fuel with a calorific value of 4 900-5 200 Kcal/kg.Fibre: Bark fibers are suitable for making rope.Timber: O. dalbergioides yields a valuable timber. The sapwood is grey and narrow, the heartwood is light golden brown, hard, strong, heavy and elastic-specific gravity is 0.84 and average weight is 865 kg/m³. The wood air seasons slowly without much degradation. The wood can be kiln-seasoned without difficulty, requires slow and careful drying and does not require preservative treatment. It is difficult to work, turns well and takes polish readily. Though originally considered difficult to peel, it is now frequently utilized for plywood. Sandan timber is used in the manufacture of agricultural implements, construction timbers, furniture and textile mill implements. It is also a specialty timber for marine plywood.
Medicinal use:
  • Juice of the root, mixed with the powder of two fruits of black pepper is taken in cases of eye trouble.
  • A paste of bark is applied to cuts and wounds.

Ornamental use:
  • Flowering trees are conspicuous and afford a beautiful sight, making sandan a versatile ornamental tree.

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