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Lobia Selection OS 42, Black Eyed beans - Seeds

lobia selection os 42, black eyed beans - seeds title=
1 packet contains Lobia Selection OS 42, Black Eyed beans - 10gm seeds.
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Black-eyed peas are cultivated in many regions across the globe, and are so-called for the small black eye where the bean is adjoined to the pod within the shell. Despite the name, they are more similar to beans than peas and share many of the same culture requirements as other legumes. They are commonly enjoyed in the cuisine of the southern US as a soul food , and are said to bring good luck if eaten on New Year s Day.

Black-eyed peas can be harvested as either a snap bean at approximately 60 days after germination, or as a dry bean after about 90 days. Black-eyed peas are susceptible to cold, and will not tolerate frost. They should be sown after the last frost of the season, and can be started indoors 4-6 weeks beforehand.

Common name: crowder-pea, southern pea, black-eyed pea
Color: Yellow
Height: 4" to 6"
Difficulty level: Easy

Planting & Care
Direct sow black-eyed peas into your garden once the danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures reach 65° F. Use black plastic mulch to warm the soil if necessary. Sow seeds for your particular variety as instructed on the seed packet, usually about 1 ½ inches deep. Bush varieties tend to need a little more space between plants. In general you’ll sow or thin to about 3-4 inches between plants. Seeds will need 7-10 days to germinate.

Black-eyed peas are not recommended for transplanting.

Sunlight: Black-eyed peas need hot, full sun conditions to thrive, so plant them in the sunniest spot of your yard.

Soil: Plant black-eyed peas in sandy, fertile soil that drains well. Add lots of mature compost prior to planting. Test the soil to ensure it has a neutral to slightly acidic pH (5.5 – 6.8).

Water: Black-eyed peas will need regular watering when rainfall is not sufficient. Frequent, light waterings are best during dry spells. Try to keep the soil moist and the leaves dry; wet foliage can lead to mildew and other fungal diseases.

Fertilizer: Black-eyed peas will benefit greatly from a feeding of compost tea or an organic fertilizer after seedlings emerge and monthly throughout the growing season. Avoid fertilizers that contain nitrogen as legumes like black-eyed peas already fix nitrogen into the soil and too much can be a problem.

  • WHEN TO GROW Plan for about 80-100 days of warm weather in order to grow black-eyed peas to maturity.
  • They should be planted in the spring after the danger of frost has passed.
  • Soil temperatures should be at least 65° F for proper germination.
  • WHERE TO GROW Black-eyed peas will not tolerate cold or frost.
  • They do best in warm weather climates like the American south.
  • They should be grown in light shade.
  • They’ll tolerate full sun, but will need more frequent watering.
  • If you’re trying to grow the in a more temperate climate, full sun is probably needed to be successful.
  • If growing indeterminate varieties, you’ll want to plant them next to a trellis in order to keep the vines off the ground.
  • Do not plant where other legumes have grown the past 3 years.
  • Black-eyed peas grow well with cucumbers and strawberries but avoid planting with any type of onions or garlic.
  • Black-eyed peas can also be grown in containers but because you’ll need several plants per person for a plentiful harvest, this may not be worthwhile.

Harvesting: Black-eyed pea leaves can be harvested for use in salad or prepared similarly to spinach. Tender, young leaves are the best. Be careful not to harvest too much throughout the season or your pods may suffer.

Black-eyed pea pods can be harvested when still green or after they dry out. Green pods can be eaten and prepared similarly to snap peas. Harvest green pods when still young. Black-eyed peas are most commonly prepared like beans. For this method, harvest these pods when they have dried out, late in the growing season.

  • PEST CONTROL Keep an eye out for aphids, leafhoppers, mites, and beetles.
  • Handpick and blast them off with water.
  • Organic sprays can help too.
  • Keep a clean, tidy garden.
  • If your plants are healthy and well looked after they will be less susceptible to pests.
  • TIPS & ADVICE Legumes naturally fix nitrogen out of the air and convert it into food.
  • For this reason, they generally do not need fertilizing.
  • However, inoculant powders have been developed to aid in this process.
  • Find an inoculant designed specifically for black-eyed peas (or labeled for cowpeas), though general legume inoculant can work too.
  • Follow the instructions – you’ll either mix the powder in with the soil when you plant or coat dampened seeds in it before sowing them into the soil.
  • If the weather becomes wet around harvest time of fully mature pods, bring them indoors still attached to the vine to let them dry out.

Culinary use:
  • These legumes contain a wealth of nutrients and are a delicious addition anytime of the year.
  • Like most beans, black-eyed peas are loaded with vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, foliate and iron.
  • With 11 grams of fibre per one-cup (200-calorie) serving, black-eyed peas certainly give you your money s worth in terms of nutrition, if not future prosperity!
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