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Wonderful Winter Flowering - ( 24 Seeds Pack )

Sales price R 2,550
Base price R 3,000
Discount R 450
Today Offer : Get Rs 545 winter veg seeds pack Free!!

The pack contains 5 seed packets of
  • Radish F1 Great Long White - Seeds
  • Coriander Imported - Seeds
  • Cucumber F1 Samber Selection - Seeds
  • Methi Kasturi, Fenugreek - Seeds
  • Sunflower Large Bloom - Seeds
*Offer Valid on minimum order of Rs 799. Offer valid till stock last.
*Use coupon : NLWKGP

This pack contains following items

Sr.NoItem NamePriceQty
10343Verbena Quartz Mix Colors - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10344Statice Pacific Mixed - SeedsR 145.001.00detail
10345Silver Dust,Cinerarira Maritima - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10346Salvia F1 Hybrid Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10347Pansy F1 Blotch Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10348Nemesia Carnival Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10349Nasturtium Variegated - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10350Mimosa, Touch Me Not - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10351Mathiola Incanana, Stock Double Mix Colors - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10352Hollyhock F1 Dwarf - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10353Godetia Azaleaflora Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10354Kochia Burning Bush - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10355Dianthus Chinensis - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10356Bellis Perensis, Daisy Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10357Gaillardia F1 Hybrid Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10358Cineraria - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10359Alyssum Rosie O'Day - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10360Ageratum F1 Hawaii Mixed - SeedsR 50125.001.00detail
10361Cleome Spinosa Mixed - seedsR 125.001.00detail
10362Calendula Bon Bon Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10363Marigold F-1 Inca Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10364Phlox Beauty Mix Colors - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10365Petunia Grandiflora Mix Colors - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
10366Iceland Poppy Nudicale Mixed - SeedsR 125.001.00detail
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