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Bel Tree, Bilva Patra

The word bilva (bel tree) is usually used as bilva-patra (leaf of bel). It is a sacred tree having sacrificial importance. Leaves of this sacred tree are generally trifoliate. This trifoliate leaf is symbolic of Trikal (brahma, vishnu and mahesh), Three eyes of lord shiva, Trishakti (Volition, action and knowledge), three lingas and three syllables of Omkar.The Bilva tree itself is so holy and auspicious that its worship or its significance is mentioned in many puranas and other scriptures at various instances.
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There are many references of Bilva Patra (Bel tree or Bel leaves as called in Hindi) and it is believed that the three leaves represent the three eyes of Lord Shiv and also the three Gun. He who places a row of lighted lamps at the root of Bilva tree with reverence becomes endowed with the knowledge of truth and merges into Shiv. He who worships the Bilva tree abounding in fresh tender sprouts becomes free from sins. The best offering to Lord Shiv as per scriptures is simple water and the Bel leaves.


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