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Bell Orchid - 10 Seeds

1 pack contains 10 seeds of Bell Orchid.
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Bell Orchid From Seeds:


Orchid seed, in comparison, is tiny, like dust. It contains virtually no nutrition to grow the new plant, so orchid seed relies on a mycorrhizal fungus to provide the nutrition required to grow. Until the young orchid grows leaves and roots large enough to support the orchid, the fungus must provide all the nutrition for the growing plant. Without this fungus, there is no possibility of the seed developing.

Now, back to how to grow your seed. If you just put your seed in a pot and water, it will not grow without the required fungus.

A variation of this method is to boil a new terracotta pot for fifteen minutes to sterilise and when cool, fill three quarters with sphagnum moss and peat moss. Cover the surface with a new clean fine cloth, tucking the edges down the sides of the pot to seal the moss under the cloth. The surface of the cloth is then sterilised with boiling water. A couple of roots from the parent plant are cut into small pieces and spread over the cloth. This provides the source of the mycorrhizal fungus. The seed is now spread over the cloth between the root pieces from the parent plant and the pot covered with clear plastic to keep the seedlings humid. The pot is sat in a saucer full of water kept filled to keep the pot moist. The pot and saucer is then put in a warm bright spot where the seeds should grow with the assistance of the mycorrhizal fungus from the parent plant roots. This method has the advantage over seeding in the parent plant that the seeds are not at risk from being washed from the pot when watering the parent plant and does not require the parent plant to be continuously watered.

The most reliable method is asymbiotic germination, or flasking. This method involves growing the seeds in a nutrient solution which provides the necessary nutrients for the growing plants. This avoids the necessity of the mycorrhizal fungus. The nutrient solution is mixed into agar, a gel, to provide mechanical support for the seedlings. Unfortunately, other organisms, like bacteria and fungus, also love growing in the nutrient solution and will overrun the seedling, just like weeds in our gardens, smothering and killing the seedlings. To prevent this, the agar media, flask and seed is sterilised ensuring that there is nothing in the flask to compete with the young seedlings.

After the seed is sown in the flask, the flask is placed in a warm, well lit area where the seed will germinate in a few months to a few years, most species only taking a few months. After germination, the seedlings will grow requiring the seedlings to be repeatedly moved into new flasks to replenish the nutrients and to prevent the seedlings becoming overcrowded. After one to two years, the seedlings will normally be large enough to survive outside the flask. The seedlings are removed from the flask, all the agar solution washed from the plants and then potted into pots where they continue to grow. For the first few weeks, the tiny plants are kept moist and humid while they acclimatise to life outside the flask. The seedlings will then take another 2 to 10 years or more, depending on the species, before they are large enough to flower, most common species taking around 2 or 3 years.

Flasking is the method used commercially to grow orchid from seed. It has proven to be reliable, relatively cheap and simple. All seed can be reliably grown in flasks only requiring a change to the flask formulation for some difficult to grow species. There are many books describing flasking techniques in detail and many articles on the internet. Flasking can be done very simply at home using common household appliances and no special equipment. Media can be made using mostly household items from variety of formulas, or commercial mixtures are available at reasonable prices. Flasking is not out of reach of the home hobbyist with some of our own members producing many of their own flasks quiet successfully and reliably.

Another method is to use an orchid nursery to produce your flask. Many nurseries will flask your seeds for a modest price. This is by far the simplest method in that you just provide the pod and fee to the nursery and in about two years, they return the flasks of seedlings ready to be deflasked.

The question you now need to ask yourself is ‘Do I really want to grow from seed?’ You are looking at three to twelve months for the pod to ripen, one to four years of growing in the flask followed by one to ten years or more of growing the young orchid before you see your first flower if growing by flask. If growing symbiotically, you will still need 3 to 12 months for the pod to ripen, followed by two to 10 years of growing the orchid to achieve a flower. All up, you are looking at about 3 to 15 years, including years of watering, fertilising and repotting before you see a flower.

Being a larger plant, they will generally flower in one to three years, unless a particularly slow growing species which could take ten years or even more years. The nursery will have bred these seedlings using superior parents with consideration of their parentage to maximise the chance that the seedlings are of high quality. Alternatively, mericlones of awarded orchids can be purchased which virtually guarantee a quality orchid.

You need to seriously consider if your seed pod is worth the effort to grow .

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