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Silver torch

Note: The image is for reference purpose. Actual plant height will be 0.5 to 3ft.
Hailing from Ecuador and Argentina, the Silver Torch Cactus (Cleistocactus strausii) is known for a single, fuzzy white spine.
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Thriving in windowsills, greenhouses and even outdoors, the Silver Torch requires plenty of space to spread its roots. When it reaches 18 inches in height, watch for a beautiful show as peach-colored blooms appear during spring and summer months. This fast-growing cactus can eventually reach 8 feet in column height. Provide generous watering, plenty of sunlight and regular fertilizing, while keeping the mealybugs away, and your Silver Torch Cactus will be a happy plant. Water abundantly. Other than a brief dry patch necessary during winter months, water your Silver Torch Cactus generously the remainder of the year, particularly in the hot summer months. Winter watering can lead to root rot.

Cactus & Succulents Plant Care Instructions

Pot Size 
For indoor cactus & succulents, recommended pot size is 10inch, it may do well in 6 inch pot as well. 
Typically an indoor cactus & succulents does not change greatly in size, and you want to avoid excess soil in the pot, which can hold too much water and rot the cactus.

Use a potting soil mix with a little sand; a cactus & suculents likes good drainage. You can mix in a little slow release organic fertilizer, but it is not necessary. 
Make sure to pack down the soil around the transplanted plant, and thoroughly water it, to help spur the rooting process in the new soil.

When the soil is dry it is time to water. If the plant gets too fleshy and starts to lean over, you need to water less often.

  • Dry climate, outdoors: Water every two to three days when warm and sunny.
  • Humid, cool or indoors: Water every week.
  • During the fall and winter months, the plants should be watered less frequently in order to promote blooming.

Place the plant in a bright area of the home; a south or southeast facing window works great. If natural light is not adequate, you can supplement with a nice natural white florescent bulb. You can put it outside in summer and spring, with indirect light, but it will need to remain indoors during fall and winter.

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